What's good at Chili House after Peking Duck? [SF, Richmond Dist.]

I’m planning a dinner for 6 at Chili House on Saturday. I’ve been to Z&Y often but never to Chili House. We’ll be getting the Peking Duck, but what else is good or unique there that Z&Y doesn’t have?

Also, some of our party will be somewhat spice-averse and/or meat-averse (but NOT vegetarian, thank God). Any particular non-spicy or veggie-forward favorites from either Z&Y or CH?


To follow up on this, in addition to Z&Y faves Spicy Cold Noodles, Couple’s Delight, and Cumin Lamb Ribs, we added:

Beijing Potstickers – These were nice and savory and enjoyed by all, but I would have preferred a thinner wrapper and a little more pan grease. One Instagram commenter said they looked exactly like her grandmother’s blintzes. Maybe that’s why Jews like Chinese food.

Basil Chicken – This was the only non-spicy chicken altrenative to Cahew Chicken. The Basil inflection was very subtle. and a few more visible leaf shreds would have made this more visually appealing.

Vegetarian Delight – Mostly lotus root, crunchy, and a welcome alternative to the overly sweetened lotus root concoctions elsewhere.

Dry-Fried Green Beans – You can specify the spiciness, and they didn’t suffer from being only mildly spicy per request.

We finished up with the “House Special” Chow Mein – a generic “everything but the kitchen sink” chow mein, but nicely done.

The Peking/Beijing Duck service was a real treat. The duck was carved at table-side, and had nice cripsy skin and really lean but flavorful flesh. The crepes (no buns) were paper-thin, and a server meticulously assembled a fully-dressed crepe for each guest at the table. The duck’s remains were served in a big pot of soup at the end of the meal.


Ordering a pot of tea got us an unexected bonus – a theatrical performance by the kung fu tea pourer.



I’d call it reasonable. If you eliminate the Peking Duck ($43.95, order 24 hrs in advance) it came to abour $138 for nine dishes (counting two orders of the potstickers), a pot of tea and one beer, so a little over $20 PP p;lus drinks, T&T for six adults, with a cuple of decent doggy bags.


Thanks for the report. How did you like these faves?

Other than one of the lamb ribs being a tad more gristly that I remember any at Z&Y, the dishes stacked up well (and I call them faves for a reason). I will say may favorite cumin lamb ribs have always been those at Dongbei Mama.

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