What's for Thanksgiving

I just put in my request. We have a frozen chub of Jimmy Dean sausage and some wheat toast and I’m good. I think most of our little group know I work at a gigantour mega box and I’ll probably be at work by 3 on turkey day.

I don’t want to put the Wifeacita through the horrors of OUR HEB before Thanksgiving to cook a meal I can’t enjoy with a bunch of work looming like a sharp axe over my neck like some poor turkey.

We’ll set aside another day with her sausage dressing and yet to be determined protein and veggies, believe me we’re used to it.

I better not see any of your faces next weekend as we have law enforcement in the store and I’d hate see y’all dragged off by trumped up charges that I made up.

They’ll have snacks on Thursday, BBQ Friday, and Cane’s tenders Saturday as they do look out for us.

So, what are normal people feeding on?

You won’t see mine! So sorry you have to work, I hope they make it up with Mr. Green or a spa date. Or both.

I’m hosting around 14, but they are all bringing stuff. Still, I’m spending this week getting enough tables and chairs and linens etc. I have an ailing parent so everyone wants to be at this dinner. Bro is bringing a turkey from a catering company in Wallis. He had their turkey at a fundraiser recently and liked it.

Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll! Don’t work too hard anyone.

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We had Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago for my aunt’s birthday. She was in town but leaving before Thanksgiving so that’s what she wanted and we obliged.

(BTW, You don’t have to feel sorry for her. She lives in the Turks and Caicos.)

Anyway, we got a fresh free range turkey from Pete’s Fine Meats and it was excellent.

A big deal was made about not having any neck and giblets for gravy but upon carving they were found where they always are - in the neck cavity.

I just missed them.

I said I was sorry dammit!

But the turkey was excellent and we had all the usual trimmings. Played a couple of hands of dominoes.

I don’t know if we’ll do it again or not. Maybe a pot roast.

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Been there done that! I hear the turkeys (and chickens) at Trader Joe’s are wonderful, I think I’ll pick up one of their turkey breasts on the bone for cooking later.

Non tradional menu this year since our group is very small.

beef roast stuffed with roasted peppers, spinach and mozz.
fried ravioli with pesto oil
roasted artichoke hearts
pear salad with cranberry relish
assorted cheeses and olives with assorted flat breads
pecan pie
sweet potato cookie bars
cranberry pineapple bellinis
chestnut cookies

then we relax for two hours and head to the theater to catch a movie.

a very happy and delicious thanksgiving to you and yours!