What's For Lunch Houston - 2018

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No I agree. It was perfectly adequate but lacking in seasoning. Maybe that’s the draw for the Greatest Generation. Pass the salt, please.


Did you lose power? The fellas and I went crabbing about a week before Alicia. It was a slaughter. We caught 111 at the mouth of the San Bernard River and couldn’t eat 'em all so I froze the rest. I think you people can see this does not have a happy ending.

I lived in SE Houston and got the eyewall with sustained winds near 100 mph. Alicia was a compact yet powerful storm and if you were in the right/wrong place it was intense.

I lost power for three weeks, moved in with my brother, and when I cleaned out my fridge it was one stinking mess.


Hire a fishing guide, they’re hurting too. Catch you some fresh redfish and not the green farm raised variety sold in stores and restaurants.

I can give you some suggestions.

The Coastal Bend is beautiful especially from a boat and a day on the bay.


I almost went to Piola today but chickened out. The Mighty Texans plus the World Champion Astros are on and I have to manage the dvr.

I have a rare Saturday off on the 22nd and would welcome a meet up, you, the hubby, notperson, and the posse. Jaymes, if your lurking also. brucesw wherever you are.

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Oh man! the 22nd I can not do! Weekends are taken up with the “Lord’s Work” to quote my fav Tex-Mex Lopez Restaurant. But seriously Saturdays are usually good, but this one not so much. Off for a two week outing thereafter. Piola is daunting because it has great pizza but a seriously crummy atmosphere. Trendy and all. Hate that.


Trendy, yikes that is scary. I am not in to trendy.

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No but we left town Saturday and couldn’t get back until Wednesday. It doesn’t appear we lost power which is amazing being a street away from dam flood waters.


There’s a trick I saw on the interweb, freeze a cup of water and place a quarter on top and when you come back if it’s on the bottom you lost power.