What's For Lunch Houston - 2018

(Lamb Owner) #201

No I agree. It was perfectly adequate but lacking in seasoning. Maybe that’s the draw for the Greatest Generation. Pass the salt, please.


Did you lose power? The fellas and I went crabbing about a week before Alicia. It was a slaughter. We caught 111 at the mouth of the San Bernard River and couldn’t eat 'em all so I froze the rest. I think you people can see this does not have a happy ending.

I lived in SE Houston and got the eyewall with sustained winds near 100 mph. Alicia was a compact yet powerful storm and if you were in the right/wrong place it was intense.

I lost power for three weeks, moved in with my brother, and when I cleaned out my fridge it was one stinking mess.


Hire a fishing guide, they’re hurting too. Catch you some fresh redfish and not the green farm raised variety sold in stores and restaurants.

I can give you some suggestions.

The Coastal Bend is beautiful especially from a boat and a day on the bay.


I almost went to Piola today but chickened out. The Mighty Texans plus the World Champion Astros are on and I have to manage the dvr.

I have a rare Saturday off on the 22nd and would welcome a meet up, you, the hubby, notperson, and the posse. Jaymes, if your lurking also. brucesw wherever you are.

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Oh man! the 22nd I can not do! Weekends are taken up with the “Lord’s Work” to quote my fav Tex-Mex Lopez Restaurant. But seriously Saturdays are usually good, but this one not so much. Off for a two week outing thereafter. Piola is daunting because it has great pizza but a seriously crummy atmosphere. Trendy and all. Hate that.


Trendy, yikes that is scary. I am not in to trendy.

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No but we left town Saturday and couldn’t get back until Wednesday. It doesn’t appear we lost power which is amazing being a street away from dam flood waters.


There’s a trick I saw on the interweb, freeze a cup of water and place a quarter on top and when you come back if it’s on the bottom you lost power.


We were able to find Piola in a corner of a strip center during a driving rainstorm Saturday afternoon.

It’s located just south of Whole Foods in yet another strip center, go figure. There is no connection between the two.

The cheese pizza will not be in my rotation. Razor thin and I had to ask if it had tomato sauce and it allegedly did but I did not taste it. The good thing is you can ask for burnt crust and I did and they obliged.

Marinara sauce and meatballs were outstanding as was the bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Service was perfect.

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Well there you go, it’s the razor thin crust that I find attractive. There’s one I always get that has ham, mushrooms and some other stuff that I can’t recall. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been.


A bit too thin for my liking and I’m a thin crust guy, but I so appreciate the burnt crust.

There was an old Yamaha motorcycle ad in the 70’s, different strokes for different folks.

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Also a TV show that premiered in 1978.


Yeah but they stole that from the ad.

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Hard to believe we are edging toward 2019 already.

To celebrate the first full cold day of fall, it was ramen at Miyako today. Hit the spot! Also those crab puffs in the back are some of my fav in town.

In looking at their web site, I notice they also have a seafood restaurant on Bellaire called El Pacifico that looks interesting.


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This might be very well the best gumbo in town. It is also the most expensive. For three people, two of us got a cup of gumbo and a main course, one of us got a bowl of the gumbo and a main course. Each of us had three small glasses of wine over a two hour period. The bill was $230. My 4 jalapeño and cream cheese stuffed shrimp are pictured below. There are no prices on the menu, and I did not pay, but snuck a at peek at the bill. Kinda stupid ridiculous.



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Oops! Yes!

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I returned to the long ago scene of a HO-down for lunch: the famous and infamous BBQ Inn - Since 1946. I was craving, not the shrimp or chicken, but the crispy iceberg and tomato salad with housemade ranch. So that’s what I got along with one stuffed crab. The stuffer was okay, the waitress (and I can call them that here because there is no other word) was hilarious as usual, calling my DH “romeo” and insisting we take pie to go for eating while watching the news tonight, because it will be more tolerable. How much longer will this place stay open I wonder. Tastes are certainly changing, but at lunch on a Tuesday there were no empty tables.



Good to see they’re full, maybe I/we won’t lose another favorite.

I like stuffed crabs but they’re down the list, preferring oysters, shrimp, catfish, CFS, and a hunk of fried chicken and some ribs as a warmup if ordering chicken.

Good looking salad, great dressings there.

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I Well looky here, countdown to 2019 has begun already. Sheesh, can we slow it down already.

I took off today to run around in a tizzy to prepare for certain major events coming up and decided to drive out to the new Lopez and check it out for lunch. And I drove. And I drove. And I drove.

Here I thought it was the Grand Parkway near I-10, but it actually has a Richmond, TX address and is welded to Matress Mack’s newest furniture mecca outpost, Gallery Furniture.

The food was the same as the original, but the new construction building was big and cold, 1/2 is bar with tvs and tables, 1/2 is restaurant. I sat in the bar where the service was non-existent. I was there between services so they were not busy. In fact there was one server for the front half of the room (a single table was occupied) and 1 for the back half (me). I had to get up and go to the bar to get more salsa and drink refill. Meanwhile the guy serving the other table contined to walk back and forth by me to serve his table. After getting my order (although it took a while to place the order) I didn’t see the server again until she came to tell me she was “cut” which I guess meant her shift was over and she wanted me to payout.

Uncle Agustin would be upset. I may tell him.

Not a place I would return to.