What's For Dinner #98 - the Pumpkin-Freaking-Everything! Edition - September 2023

Cellophane noodles (mung bean), with winter gourd and meatballs.


Rain and thunder all day today made me crave a hearty soup. So, Khao Soi broth waiting to be in used in the freezer became dinner tonight with chicken and bok choy (and noodles!). BF got to try preserved mustard tubers tonight and liked them, so I am feeling a small victory as well!


YIKES! I hope your power has been restored! It was nuts as to which towns were affected and other areas were not within the same towns!


Total football food tonight. :wink:

Small pork tenderloin seasoned with olive oil, Baharat mix, and roasted at 350° until done. Plum ketchup on top.

Baby potatoes seasoned with olive oil, s/p, and dried thyme and roasted in the convection oven. Steamed broccoli.


Pats game didn’t end the way I wanted, but the halftime tribute to TB12 the GOAT was IT.


A friend gave us a butternut squash from her garden, which I used to dress Orecchiette after roasting with onion and garlic and pureeing with broth, butter, parsley, nutmeg, and sage. It was OK but needed cream or lots more butter to make it great. Topped with grated Parm and pepitas and served with sauteed haricots and my mom’s lemon-marinated chicken tenders dredged and cooked in brown butter and topped with crispy fried sage.


We enjoyed another outstanding dinner at Koon Thai Eatery, in Hillsdale, NJ, including crispy duck with garlic, chili, scallion, fried shallot; garlic butter with jumbo shrimp, shrimp paste coconut meat, Brussels sprouts; fish salad with crispy fried red snapper, roasted coconut, cashew nuts, garlic chip, chili jam; crispy vermicelli, with jumbo lump crab meat, green apple, shallot, scallion; chicken bomb with fried chicken thigh, scallion, corn, fried onion, tamarind lime fish sauce. It all went great with an excellent Zinfandel and Syrah.


Wow - scary indeed. Glad you are safe and hopefully unscathed.


Steamed artichokes and a very easy steak asparagus fry up with a dijon sauce. It was in the LA Times earlier this year and has become a favorite.


Can you point me to a recipe for the dijon sauce?


Oh my, That is a whopper! Are you coastal and is this ahead of Hurricane Lee? Be safe out there!


Greek influenced dinner - lamb frikadellen (made with ground lamb, sautéed garlic, bread, egg and oregano) with a gravy made from sautéed red onions, anise seeds, ouzo and lamb broth. Served with potatoes (oven roasted with lemon slices and bay leaves) and a salad with tomatoes, green beans and basil.


We are about 25 miles from the coast, north of Boston. Hurricane Lee is expected by the weekend.
This was just an afternoon thunderstorm that was in the forecast but was much worse than expected.
The worst of it lasted maybe 15-20 minutes.


WAIT. We’re expecting a freaking Hurricane in the New England area? :::Sigh:::


That microburst was scary and unexpected! Wind seemed to be gusting straight across the sky. Electricity was out at our place Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon, and I can see from the outage map that some folks are still out.

Thankfully we invested in a generator when COVID hit—when my husband also started working from home—so we didn’t lose our refrigerated/frozen food. Lots of people did though and that’s not inexpensive. :disappointed:


A micro-busiest took out the beautiful old oak tree outside my condo bedroom window years ago. I heard the noise and watched it fall. Into an empty parking lot. In slow motion. Nothing was harmed, but I still miss that tree. It was like I was still living in a house: the seasons, birds chirping before dawn. The entity next door has now lost all of its magnificent old oak trees; they didn’t even bother to plant anything in their places. So now, just city concrete. I hate it every time I hear the noise of an old neighborhood tree being cut down. The private property owners never seem to replant anything.


Everyone wanted sandwiches for a break, so last evening we had the bread guy drop off some fresh sandwich bread and I got my assembly line going.

We had:
Ham and cheese (Zabar’s house smoked and Amul cheddar)
Smoked salmon and cream cheese
Cheddar and mustard
Tomato - just tomato! (mom’s a purist)
My favorite parts of a Bombay street sandwich: cilantro chutney, potato, red onion, and chaat masala.

Sliced carrot and cucumber for crunch on the side.


Tonight I made a quick mushroom risotto in the pressure cooker. I found the mushroom seasoning powder and the truffle porcini powder, so both went in (the latter at the end finish). Light on the cheeses for mom’s sake, and milk as part of the cooking liquid instead of cream or mascarpone at the end.

We had shrimp in butter garlic sauce on the side. Mom didn’t want anything with her risotto…


The potluck was a grand success! Many new faces, a bunch of familiar ones, and good food all around.

My own contribution was linguine with fresh tomato sauce, capers, onions, a STOG, RPF, a lil wine, fresh basil, pearlini. I should made more sauce, but I never make 1.5lbs of pasta, so I miscalculated. Had to add more olive oil than I wanted, but it was snarfed up anway :woman_shrugging:


I can’t stand hearing chain saws when it isn’t an emergency situation. As the concrete and pavement and new homes invade our forest, I just cringe at the loss of the natural habitat. The birds, the shade, the air cleansing of the foliage—gone, gone, gone. Wherever, ‘build it and he will come’.

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That looks fun and delicious!


Combining my two passions, food & bringing people together :blush: