What's For Dinner #96 - the Which Marketing Commercial Month Is It? Edition - August 2023

I got around to making the ATK cast iron pizza last night and we ate it tonight. Two extra days of proofing in the fridge did not seem to make a difference. The recipe does call for too much oil in the pan before baking and I eliminated most of it and I still found the dough a bit more greasy than I’d like. That may have been because of the jack cheese. The sauce was rather dull imo and your suggestion about it requiring tomato paste makes sense. I added a sprinkle of Italian seasoning on top and blotted the pie when it was done from the oven. I had hoped to cook it outside on the grill but the temp was 100° outside, the smoke was horrible and we had ash raining down on us. So tonight we nuked the slices with the addition of a slice of provolone and it was dinner. It reminded me of the ‘pizza bread’ that was sold at the local convenience store, bitd. I appreciate the lighter tomato sauce indigestion wise, but I think it needed more flavor. I don’t know if I’d make it again. I have made the Cook’s Country Detroit Pizza (similar dough) and their Bar Pizza. Both are so-so, too.


Usually, when Mr Bean catches a skate it gets thrown back as it is considered a garbage fish. The other day, as he was removing the skate from the hook, it bit him. That made him mad and so he kept it.

Skate wings with cherry tomatoes, zucchini, shallots (all from my CSA box), white wine and hot honey. Basil added for a pop of bright color.


Last night we had a beef and mushroom pie, mash and roast carrots in honey mustard. Lovely, filling meal. I know it’s still summer but it’s nowhere near as warm as I’d like so I think some Autumn dishes are going to be on the menu sooner rather than later.


That looks so hearty and delicious. What a flaky crust! :heart_eyes:


I even added some sourdough discard to the dough and still found it kinda flavorless. I also reduced down the sauce because I hadn’t strained enough juices off and it was watery. Plus I thought the garlic should be cooked. Meh. The family liked it, but I wasn’t super wowed. However, a good percentage of that may be because of the lousy cheese on top (Mexican blend, sliced provolone, and a tiny bit of mozz block). I want to try it again with full fat mozz, a better sauce, and more sourdough in the crust.


Pardon the interruption, but I’ve started a new topic asking about the rhyme or reason behind your dinner menus: Do you have a rotating set dinner menu/framework?


For our second attempt at Alsatian dishes in Colmar we tried to rely on the Guide Michelin and picked Winstub Brenner https://wistub-brenner.fr/ Normally Michelin is relatively accurate with restaurants in Europe and even though Brenner is not part of this year’s guide but had a Bib Gourmand in recent years. Unfortunately, it turned out to be our most disappointing restaurant visit so far. Friendly but very rushed service, disappointing salad, choucroute something average at best with really underwhelming sauerkraut and a pork chop which was (over)cooked into submission (we thought that in France chefs are aware that you don’t have to cook pork to well done). Normally we always chose also desserts but nearly everything before was disappointing so that we got some dessert elsewhere

Pork “cake”

Onion tarte

Salade Vigneronne


Pork chop with fresh porcini and fried potatoes


IF I were to make this again or CC’s ‘Detroit Pan Pizza’, I think I would reduce the jack cheese or omit it in favor of provolone and more mozz. I think the grandies would enjoy it.

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Thank you! It really was a good way to warm the soul :grin:

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both sound amazing - and that foccacia is gorgeous!

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No clue what you are talking about. I have no “pull” or undue influence here. I simply edited my post within the prescribed amount of time that this can technically happen. Anyone can do that.

I’m traveling abroad now so this the least of my concerns but another Onion brought it to my attention. And because you chose to ask me publicly rather than in a private message, I’m trying to understand why this upset you. Simply put, I didn’t like what I originally posted so I chose to edit it. It happens.


Here’s mine, after the sprinkling of Italian seasoning a before the blotting.


This will be dinner ….


Halibut with lots of other stuff as both decoration and to make it look like you’re not just getting two bites of fish.


Mezze plate for dinner.
Hot Italian sausage, sweet peppers, red onions and mushrooms all on the grill. Tomatoes and hummus sprinkled with creamy Bulgarian feta and drizzled with my homemade chili oil.


Did you catch them yourself? Just asking because we have a couple of other fishers on HO.

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Yes, off the coast of SoCal (near San Diego).

Had to cut the trip short because of Hillary.


Today was take out lunch day. I wasn’t terribly hungry so I bought a summer roll and some California rolls. Dinner tonight was a salad of an assortment of vegetables including cauliflower, broccoli, carrot and zucchini with a caesar dressing. I added tofu for protein.


Mrs. P made grilled figs with goat cheese, delicious homemade candied pecans, and hot honey. She also made our favorite pizza with delicata squash, Andouille sausage, fried sage, ricotta, mozzarella, and parmigiano reggiano cheeses, topped with Mikes extra hot honey, on top of a Stonefire crispy crust. It all went great with an excellent Syrah.


Skillet meatballs with peaches, basil and lime (NYT). Scented with cumin and ginger, I also added grated zucchini tonight ‘cuz we had some. Served with roasted green beans and long-grain rice.

One of those “must repeat” recipes I make at least once each year during peach season.