What's For Dinner #96 - the Which Marketing Commercial Month Is It? Edition - August 2023

That looks really good! I have a bag of sea scallops in the freezer. Reminded me to use them up.


Hard to overstate how strong a motivator that is!


Good to see you! Miss your posts.

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Fantastic Turkish food for which we scoot halfway through town: baba ganoush with yogurt, midye (tomato-rice stuffed mussels that are insanely addictive and, according to the owner, and absolute PITA to make), and the star of the night & our raison d’être - their special chopped lamb kebab with pistachios & regional cheese, served with a nice hot pepper & more of that tomato rice.


The scallops were delicious and went well with the sweet corn puree.

I will add a couple links for tamale pie.


I agree completely.

Thank you and Sunshine thanks you, as well!!


Love that picture of Murphy!

We’re away from home nightly most of the time on the weekends now so takeout again. Leftovers from last night. Chicken Express tenders, mashed potatoes, cream gravy, buttered roll and dark honey. Fried chicken and honey are just made for each other. Surprisingly, I thought the “Monthly Special” they had posted said 7 chicken tenders/5 piece bone-in plus two family sides and rolls for $21.99 plus tax… I took it to mean and or. The lady at the counter kept going on and on and i was friendly but didn’t much pay much attention. Got home and both tenders and 5 piece were in the bag. Not a bad deal. Oops, and canned jalapeños. It’s so hot here our garden is slowing down.


Thai Beef Salad from Recipe Tin Eats.

Peppers, tomatoes, cukes, shallots and parsley from the garden.


we had this again tonight - pasta alla trapanese, and it looked exactly the same as Saturday’s so no pic. :stuck_out_tongue:.

last night at my sister’s, she made America’s Test Kitchen’s pork posole again. So good!

pork posole ATK It was heaven to bite into some lovely pork shoulder fat again…


Leftover lasagna, eggplant parm, steak.

Assorted bits from the garden went into this skillet. The green pepper and half a wax pepper overpowered this mixture. I’ll leave the peppers out next time.

I also used a pouch of cheese fondue that had been in my fridge since Xmas. I added a little nutmeg and pepper, and brought it to a simmer in a sauce pan.

1/4 of the cheese fondue went over sliced tomatoes that were baked at 350 for around half an hour, and the rest of the cheese fondue I tossed with cooked pasta, then baked it for 20 minutes.


that is gorgeous!!


OMG. I have a friend who never eats raw vegetables - we went to dinner with another couple at her house and she made rouladen, potatoes and a green vegetable which I knew had been cooking on her stovetop in a skillet covered with foil for the whole time we had cocktails and appetizers. I had no idea when we ate dinner that it was asparagus. It was tasteless and unidentifiable. I would have been happier with canned asparagus compared to it!


Thank you! It was really good. :yum:

That’s the method my MIL would employ cooking anything. Horrible, gross, unfathomable, inedible. She made a dish called mock something that we’d all run from.

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Seared pork tenderloin and then roasted in a little beer. While resting (the meat, not me) I added bbq sauce to the beer and simmered for a few minutes. Cofftc charred with onions, red bell and a smidge of serrano. Broccoli, red onion, tomato salad with ranch and a sprinkle of bacon.


This is slightly embarrassing to admit, but we never had any luck steaming asparagus way back when.,. So about twenty years I ate canned asparagus/lean meat and lost 30 pounds. The next time I went to my hairdresser she exclaimed over my weight loss and asked the secret., I mentioned canned asparagus and lean met. A week later when I went to the grocery store the canned asparagus counter which was usually chocked full was completely empty. She spread the word I guess.,You know how hairdressers are.:slightly_smiling_face:


No picture. Last night I made the ‘Cast Iron Baked Ziti’ from ATK’s 2001-2023 Cookbook. I had seen it on their ATK ‘from home’ show the other day. I made a few modifications (I halved the recipe, used rotini instead of ziti and a few other changes) and it was quite good! I’m leaning toward less intense tomato sauces these days and the blistered grape tomatoes in this dish were a delight. Something I will create again!