What's For Dinner #95 - the Hot Fun in the Summertime Edition - July 2023


I always specify the more boozy gin cocktails I order (including, but not limited to, martinis) to be stirred, not shaken.


With all the hype that Barbie movie got, some people might’ve missed a lil independent flick about a physicist we caught at the local iMax this afternoon :wink:

Most of the 3 hours were actually quite engaging, even though the political intrigue could’ve easily been cut down by a good half hour. RDJ def stole the show as Strauss. I still wanna see Barbie, tho :upside_down_face:

Dinner at a new Greek we discovered Sunday while scootin’ around town with the cutesy name It’s all Greek to me! wasn’t the greatest we’ve ever had in Berlin, but certainly better than the stuff we had a few weeks ago. We split pikilia kria, grilled xtapodi, and pork souvlaki.

The pikilia included all the Greek dips/salads, i.e. tzatziki, melitsanosalata, skordalia, tirokafteri, tarama, fava, as well as a dolma, gigantes, patzaria, and a chunk of feta. The skordalia was far too light on the garlic (when it’s literally named for it FCS), the tarama a bit bland and short on roe flavor. My homemade tzatziki is also better than theirs, and the gigantes were underdone.

The grilled octopus, however, was grilled perfectly with a light char & incredibly tender. It needed a splash of olive oil & lemon, both of which were available to us at the table.

The souvlaki (tenderloin) was also pretty perfectly medium & flavorful, the potatoes nice and lemony.

We had a crème caramel forced on us & two ouzos. Whaddya gonna do? Walk a few more steps vs. taking the tram to our doorstep is what. Tomorrow we fast :rofl:


Trying yet again to join the fun here at WFD.

Sunday was a salad of quartered grape tomatoes, corn cut off the cob, thinly-sliced red onion and cukes, liberal sprinkling of cilantro. Only dressing needed was Penzey’s Szechuan Roasted Salt + Pepper. Angel hair pasta topped with Quorn soy chicken, with dabs of my garlic scape pesto (last of last year’s batch, which I excavated from the freezer; I made a huge batch right before our recent 2-week trip).


Last night was the same salad, this time I tried topping it with fresh peach chunks (I generally don’t like mixing sweet and savory, but this was fine), grilled halibut with generous globs of pesto for B, side of Korean-ish vinegary cukes. At 12 o’clock on B’s plate was leftover scrambled eggs from Spring Onion’s breakfast for dinner. I have finally nailed the bacon-making and even was complimented by SO :grinning: (I neglected to take a photo of his dinner).



Your profile pic!

Sorry for the delay, folks - here’s the link to the August 2023 WFD thread!




Thank you. I have some HonDashi granules which look like would work well.

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How does a takeout buffet work? Isn’t the entire idea that you pay for what you can eat while you are there?

Maybe the fortune should take its own advice? “Pithy reigns.”

I imagine it’s like a salad bar - fill a container and head out.

Pay by weight? That would make sense then. I just envision otherwise one person going in and buying enough food for 2. Or for 2 days. We went to an “all you can eat” Korean bbq once where you grill the meat, where we paid per person. Signs all over the place said they had the discretion to surcharge if you over-ordered by a significant amount. I think to counter this scenario where you are ordering to have leftovers. Not implying anything about the poster. Just wondering how it worked.

That, or whatever you can fit in the box.

Recycling one of my dad’s stories. Nearby to UCLA a million years ago, there was a mongolian bbq. Where you pick your meats, veg, sauce, and they add noodles. It was whatever price for as much as you could fit in a bowl. Like $10 per bowl say. The poor college kids used to engineer the frozen thin sliced meats to increase the diameter of their bowl. If the food when cooked couldn’t fit in a single bowl, the cook would put the finished dish in two bowls. This went on for quite a while before they changed to pricing by weight.


You should see me building a salad when it’s priced by the volume instead of by weight.


Just ask for a to-go container and get what you like from the buffet. As long as the top closes you’re good to go. I don’t abuse this with bulging boxes. $10.71 tax included. I once watched a guy with what I consider a full box, smoosh the lid down to make room for a few slices of some kind of dessert pizza. Takes all kinds!


i’ve been on another Negroni Summer kick!

those korean-ish snacks look fabulous.

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Some take-out buffets in Toronto used to let customers fill a container as full as they liked, for a set price per container.

Another place weighed the amount people took from the buffet, much like the salad bars in NYC, or the Whole Foods hot table / salad bar.

One of the Chinese buffets in Toronto stopped offering take-out buffets because some customers (mostly families, rather than college students at that location) would get greedy and take all the meat or chicken out of the stir-frys.

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