What's for Dinner #92 - the Fool Me Once Edition - April 2023

I made creamy Andouille, potato, and corn chowder (adding creamed corn) and Gouda-garlic biscuits.

A little wedge of Ina’s blueberry ricotta cake for dessert.


What comfort food. We love that soup! After living in NL for a few years, we returned to find that our old standby Campbell’s was too sweet for our altered tastebuds. A friend turned us onto this soup and we were so grateful. I usually add some cream to the box and shake it up to rinse it out. Hope all goes smoothly for you tomorrow.


Pan roasted chicken thighs. Creamed spinach. Irish champ, as noted by @jammy on the potato thread. My first time making the potatoes and we loved them – nice and scallion-y (I used 2% milk and not too much butter).


Thank you. I get to go home in the afternoon, so that’s nice :slightly_smiling_face:

I found the soup a little sweet today, actually, so I added TJ’s smoked paprika & hot chile powder & salt :grimacing:


Wishing you good vibes!


We enjoyed another sensational dinner at Fiorentini in Rutherford, NJ, including seared octopus with nduja sausage and peas; asparagus risotto with prosciutto; handmade sweet pea fagottini with crab, lemon bisque, and tarragon; handmade pappardelle with mushroom ragout and smoked burrata; rainbow beet tartare with mustard dressing and toasted olive oil bread; crispy melt in your mouth porchetta with spring vegetables, melted leeks, and salsa verde. For dessert we enjoyed an orange compote vegan cheesecake with gluten free graham cookies and merengue. It all went great with an excellent Amarone and cabernet.


I hope thing go as smoothly for you as they did for me.


Roasted pork tenderloin, rolled in garlic, fennel, rosemary and bacon. Roasted asparagus in olive oil and garlic, topped with parm. Spinach salad with peperoncini and red bell peppers, Kalamata olives, red onion, creamy Greek dressing.


Salmon, bean sprouts, couscous, and bit of pesto.

Oh, and fork and napkin, just in case you were wondering.


Heal quick.



Homemade pasta with ramps and morels. Spinach schav. Spring is here!


Last night at my sister’s we made ATK’s borscht with pork - turned out great, though she used a golden beet and a red one, so it didn’t turn out as ruby-red as it normally does. Still, really homey, with potatoes, cabbage, and a ton of dill and lemon juice. Served with dark rye and dilled sour cream. I got to take home some leftovers, too, so that’ll be dinner tomorrow night.

Today I made birria de res for quesabirria tacos - OMGSOGOOD. i should have taken a better pic with all cheesy goodness oozing out. Tacos get dipped in the consome, which was made with four kinds of toasted, dried peppers - guajillo, ancho, habanero, and morita. Beef chuck got slow cooked in that and my own beef stock for almost four hours, until tender and shreddable. Also made a little slaw - kind of like curtido.

and since i had a ton of dill and some leftover raw beets, i started a gravlax with beet, vodka, coriander, caraway, and dill. i’ll be taking that to my sister’s as the BF does not partake. more for us.


Wishing you well tomorrow….and going forward! So good to be able to go home to your own bed…


Homemade pasta with ramps and morels.

Jealous of the ramps! I went to the market this afternoon to see if the ramps and fiddleheads are out but I’m still a little early yet :frowning:


I found them in a store! Union Market in Manhattan.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery

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Looks wonderful! Fingers crossed for today.


Homemade pizza and wings night: We caught wing fever after that dish we had the other night (posted in the NJ wings thread). BF made honey-chili-garlic wings. They were marinated and air-fried before being tossed in the sauce. Some developed a nice char. The flavor is incredible, like they came off a grill, and the house smelled amazing.

More of flatbread than pizza, using a Trader Joe’s crust. He made a standard pie while I did Chicken Murphy.


Champ was a very recent discovery for me. So glad you enjoyed it!


I had been wondering where you were, glad to hear you had a good outcome!!