What's for Dinner #92 - the Fool Me Once Edition - April 2023

Want! I just googled creamy walnut dressing and am going to make it this weekend.


Three words - Insurance Companies Suck.


It was very good, and using ground nuts in a vinaigrette is a handy trick I’ll use in the future. In hindsight, I wish I’d remembered to use walnut oil instead of olive oil. Next time.

FWIW I used this dressing recipe, although added 1 T. mayo at the end. It would be good with or without the mayo.


…and you get assigned a ‘concierge’ which in my experience means, ‘newly hired with no past experience, untrained appointment booker’. Never before have I felt my health so in danger with what is offered out there. If you are not your advocate for your health care, no one will do it for you. Done!


You had me at “cheeto…”


Freezer leftover revamp for dinner tonight. Mom had made her usual mutton roast a while back. I used the frozen leftovers for a riff on a Pasanday recipe I enjoyed a while back. It wasn’t as rich as that version, but still tasty.

Mom had idlis that I made from scratch yesterday (ie from soaking rice and dal), with instant sambar (I re-flavored dal from lunch and added a few vegetables) and coconut chutney. She had a really tough day today, so I was very pleased that she enjoyed the simple comfort food.

The batter was made with her guidance using ingredients she specially ordered before everything went sideways — check out the glorious ferment on it!


Spouse isn’t feeling well and requested that I make a package of Annie’s Cheesy Pizza Mac and cheese. My god, that shit is disgusting. I added a bunch of grated cheddar and parm to attempt to bring it up to par but not sure that helped. Ugh.

I, on the other hand, had pan seared swordfish steaks with an olive-caper tapenade and a green salad with Dijon vinegarette.

Pic of the offending Annie’s box and my canine houseguest


Tajín pork tenderloin, coconut black bean rice, and CSA Brussels and slicing turnips roasted under the meat.

I used this recipe as a guide (adding juice of one lime, soy sauce, bay leaves - natch - and Badia Adobo) and marinated the meat before roasting. Quite tasty - especially the beans and rice and the Brussels in the glaze.


Love the houseguest, and he looks so well-mannered. Hope your H feels better soon.


Pork souvlaki on the grill. Scallion couscous. Green beans. Tzatziki.


Aw, look at that face! I wonder if the pup would touch that packaged stuff. That face says, ‘no’.?


Sausages with carrots and kohlrabi in a sauce made from water, cream, parsley and mustard


I have to agree, that sounds disgusting, especially with the pea protein in the pasta.

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1/3 cup hidden vegetables!

Well, there’s your problem.

For boxed mac and cheese, Annie’s isn’t bad. Their regular and white cheddar are perfectly fine for a “fuck it. I don’t want to think” meal that might leave you slightly less guilt ridden than Kraft blue box. But probably not.

When they start trying to make a low-effort comfort food “healthy”, it’s the path to disappointment.


Have you tried Annie’s frozen mac? I have not, but one of my clients is a huge fan. The Aldi brand is pretty bland.

I haven’t tried the frozen mac. Since I’m more or less WFH on a permanent basis, my pre-packaged frozen consumption has fallen precipitously (probably a good thing). There’s still fish sticks, TJ’s chicken strips and orange chicken, and a box of frozen White Castles because I have no shame. Most of the rest of the freezer is stuff we’ve preportioned and frozen for convenience. Individual steaks / fish fillets, jars of soup, etc.


Beecher’s frozen mac is worth the price (in both price and calories – it does NOT serve the number stated on the box…)

Dinner tonight was another round of stuffed shells for mom (assembled fresh from the frozen stuffed pasta from the other night and the separately frozen sauce), plus cheese.

Had a minor dinnertime disaster when the outlet that the countertop oven is plugged into started sparking, and I decided no further use till the electrician comes and checks it. So I cooked everything in the microwave (at varying powers) instead, including melting the cheese on top. No one cared, as it turned out, everything still tasted good, just not browned on top.

Sis and I had masala omelettes a la dad (though nowhere as good as a la dad). Minced onion, tomato, cilantro, and green chilli mixed into the beaten eggs and done. Dad beat each separated egg by hand with a fork so that one egg was the size of two, the ratio of masala to egg was perfectly in balance, and the omelettes were both fluffy and thin, somehow. Still, I haven’t had one in a while, and it’s tasty even when it’s not exactly right.

Tomato avocado salad on the side.


Frozen White Castles…for midnight freezer belly bomb raids. Memories.

The frozen sliders are REMARKABLY close to what you get at the restaurant (and this is coming from someone who stops at White Castle upon arrival in Chicago the way some folks go straight to In 'n Out in L.A.)

Certainly good enough to scratch that salt/grease/mush itch that only White Castle can. If you’re a pickle person, adding two dill chips to them will complete your experience.