What's For Dinner #89 - the Dawn of a New Year Edition - January 2023

Is that anything like Plombir ice cream?

I actually have some sodium citrate and I have tried it. But balancing how much to use can be tricky. Also, most people will not have sodium citrate, and it certainly wasn’t available at a consumer level ‘til relatively recently. Grandma certainly didn’t have it, or even knew what it was. But most anyone can find a slice or two of processed cheese product. Kraft singles, velveeta, any of them will work. And providing a very smooth, if somewhat bland base for the sauce makes it super easy for even the least experienced home cook, like, say, 10 year old me.


This is the way.


Velveeta, also a processed cheese, melts even creamier!

My kiddo would be horrified if I defiled his Mac and cheese with actual cheese. :roll_eyes:Maybe one day…


Looks gorgeous.

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Veggie bibimbap with some glorious kimchi I just discovered.


Do share about the glorious kimchi!
Store bought? Homemade? Deets please.

Saving this recipe! I love laksa.


Great coincidence!

We also acquired the exact same kimchi early today, and family made this outstanding dish for lunch (leftovers for dinner):

Following the review suggestions, used double the kimchi, i.e. used the whole bag of kimchi for 1 lb of WW pasta, and 1.5 times the squash because needed to use that up.

Fabulous fusion feast. Easy to make, minimal fiddly steps. Uses easy and fairly affordable ingredients.

Plus this brand of kimchi is a great new (to us) find. It tastes really good and is vegetarian. Yes to ‘glorious’.


I posted tonight’s dinner over on the Offal thread so as not to inadvertently offend anyone’s sensibilities.

But here is dessert: Saffron Jalebis


That’s actually quite simple - MC recipe is a very good starting point.

And I have seen sodium citrate the last several years in many regular supermarkets

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Yum! I love jalebi. In small quantities, of course, since it’s so sweet.

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We had chicken saagwala last night. I wasn’t sure if it would go down well with my fiancé but it was a surprise hit. Really nice and creamy with a very unique flavour so it’s definitely going in the rotation.


Dinner tonight is Rao’s Double Pork Chop with Cherry Peppers


Looks wonderful - I love pork chops!

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Thank you!

I 've always used the same recipe as @lectroid’s grandma, but with velveeta and sharp cheddar.

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Another glamorous dinner tonight at our house. Cooked some chicken breasts today. Half used for chicken salad with chopped apple, dill pickle, jalapeño, Dukes mayonnaise and a little s&p. Lay’s potato chips of course.
Also baked a loaf of hand kneaded bread. I’ve given up on telling my husband NOT to cut hot bread. He’s literally standing by the oven with a serrated knife in his hand.:slightly_smiling_face:


LOL. My aunt used to make homemade bread when she visited. She quickly learned that the pinched corners were me. :::innocent until proven guilty, which I was:::