What's For Dinner #89 - the Dawn of a New Year Edition - January 2023

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Another sausage dinner tonight, from Fatted Calf. The names were illegibly scribbled on the packages so i’m not sure now what kind they were - one came in a lovely coil that the BF chose to cut up. Anyway, they were good. With cheesy potatoes, roasted TJs baby cauli, and a sauteed shallot. Tiny plates dinner!


My favorite pizza . It’s not take out . It’s frozen. Can you guess. Cheers.


Cornbread muffins with leftover black eyed pea stew with andouille, kale and bacon from the freezer.


Posting links to ongoing cook-along threads happening at the moment in case folks want to join in:


We picked up one of my favorite restaurant meals last night after a long day of work and necessary errands with mom.

Malvani food FTW: Fried Bombil, Chicken Rassa, chapatis, rice, potato bhaji, and an incongruous order of Palak Paneer because they make the best version I have ever eaten anywhere.

My dad “discovered” the place right after they opened a few decades ago, and has taken everyone we know there over the years; the owner and staff are understandably very fond of him. So pickup was a bit long as they inquired after him, went to chat with my mom in the car, tried (without success) to give us several things we didn’t order, wanted to know how long I’m in town and when I’m coming back to have a meal in-house, and so on. Very sweet, and heartwarming for dad who hasn’t been there in person since before the pandemic.

Longer writeup on the food here on the Maharashtrian COTQ thread.


Exotic dinners for India tonight — cheese fondue with fixings, and steak and potatoes separately for my dad.

The fondue was Murray’s this time, and the fixings were cauliflower, broccoli, baby potatoes, and crusty bread (actually a very special bread that’s like a round baguette, baked fresh twice a day only at certain bakeries, and if you miss the 1-2 hour window after it becomes available, you’re SOOL till the next day). The fondue was very good for packaged, if a tad heavy on wine flavor.

I made cream of vegetable soup to start, which used up the cabbage slaw mix that comes standard with my frequent kabab orders :rofl:.

Dad had fancy steak my brother brought, cooked softer for him, with sautéed potatoes with a little onion and garlic. Oh, and the crusty bread with butter, which is his one of his favorite foods (and apparently does not need to be soft, he can power through :joy:).

I still haven’t eaten, because I filled up on snacks at teatime (a real mealtime here). But I’m getting hungry, and luckily preemptively stocked up on Maggi noodles ie indian ramen.

ETA: Ok, I ate the Maggi. Hit the spot.

Gratuitous pic of a guy selling handmade pottery griddles / tavas on the side of the road to folks eating street food. He’s showing one, the rest are stacked on his head. Probably safest so they don’t get chipped from banging about. (I really wanted one, but I was rushing home from the bakery with the bread and didn’t want to delay dinner for everyone else; will look for him next time.)


I can’t guess. Is it available in New England? It looks wonderful!

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I had to do a double take.

At first glance, they look like pig trotters. :laughing:



Most likely.My favorite pizza for five dollars.


love crystal, that looks like a great place for it!

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Thanks! I’ll look for it!!

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I’ll take red baron or any of the cheap brands over the digiorno and thick gross biscuit kind of crust anyday. take that red baron, pair it with a chilled vodka bottle and some nba action and that’s a good cheap date (for one)! I like ellios too it’s sorta school cafeteria adjacent and i mean that as a compliment. tombstone is a cheap one that can scratch the itch too. tony’s too. i like red baron best tho also.

others we avoid apart from digiorno include newmans, trader joes etc. i actually think the race to the bottom wins in this category.


Have you ever made your own toum? The first time I tried it, it turned out great. But I was never able to do it so well again.

Decided to do a couple cheeses and chorizo for an early dinner. Cabot pepper jack and a herb-garlic triple cream. Olives, tomato, and peppers for additional nibbles. Founders All Day IPA for him and Whispering Angel rosé for me!


Fridge clean-out dinner for mom’s last night before she decamps to warmer environs:

Cold seasoned Texas gulf shrimp
Burgers on the grill (80% all day)
Roasted cauliflower


Quiche Lorraine from The Spruce Eats’ website, subbing pancetta for bacon, heavy cream for half-and-half, and adding sauteed baby spinach.

Side salad of green leaf lettuce, some sliced cukes and red bell pepper, and a sliced Backyard Farms’ cocktail tomato, tossed with some Target Honey Mustard dressing, with La Choy chow mein noodles on top. Because I wanted some crunch. But more importantly, because I can.



That crust is beautiful.


I’d picked up pork burnt ends in bbq sauce at the local Aldi recently, as it had gotten good reviews in the Aldi Facebook group I’m in (while they’re certainly not the most discerning bunch, I have discovered some quality items through them I would not have otherwise).

I also got my first shingles shot today, so the pork seemed like an easy meal. Nuked the pork, heated up some Aldi frozen sweet corn with butter, spicy salt & fresh parsley, and heated up the Aldi mac I picked up as well.

I had almost zero expectations (a New Year’s resolution I try to apply to everything), and this was quite good. Tender pork, maybe a bit on the fatty side, and the mac was solid.


An easy meal tonight: roast Hungarian sausages, with yams and sauteed green beens.