What's For Dinner #86 - the Apples, & Cider, & DONUTS, Oh MY! Edition - October 2022

Thank you @Saregama ! The meals taste as good as they look :slightly_smiling_face: The Roman gnocchi is excellent and pillowy soft.
NJ isn’t that far from NY. The only negative is the cost of bridges and tolls is about the cost of a meal.

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Part of my Thanksgiving ’ funky ’ dish - An inter-provincial effort featuring: Freshly shucked BC Dungeness crab meat, Ontario organic free range chicken eggs, PEI lobster bisque, Quebec sea-whelks.

End product: Flash fried Chinese Egg Foo-Yung with freshly shucked crab meat in a creamy lobster bisque sauce adorned with sea-whelks nuggets.

A salty, umami cocktail full of crustacean and the taste of the sea!

Also, a ’ Cold Seared ’ Striploin using Zero oil and a good non-stick skillet only! Great crust achieved with minimal splattering of grease! Also, no grey edges to steak, even colour through out!



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Ha ha! Thank you! I find growing and making my own food cathartic. Now that I’m retired, I finally have the time to pursue that interest.

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Homemade shrimp and corn chowder with serrano and Fresno chiles over baked potato. A little sour cream for the baked potato and lots of scallions over the top. Leftovers will probably get us through Wednesday.


The challenge of wanting to cook a variety is to then finish the seemingly endless leftovers :joy:
Getting there…

Salmon Ambotik (sweet and sour Goan curry) and Spinach Poriyal (sauteed with coconut) from COTM Thali, with the last of the cooked quinoa+rice mix. Also ate the last of the Beetroot Chops (cutlets) cold from the fridge while waiting for everything else to warm up.


Earlier: Spinach Dal, more of the coconut spinach, and the last of the okra with what I discovered are the almost the last of my frozen chapatis, the horror!


Might need a short break from Indian food before the coming pre-Diwali and Diwali onslaught. (But first I have to finish the never-ending dal and the last bit of pot roast…)


The last of last year’s lamb share’s ground, turned into another delightful paccheri ai ragú di agnello. Sauce was made with grated FM tomatoes, diced shallot, anchovy & tomato paste, splash o’ white cuz no red was open at the time, and a generous amount of Calabrian peppers. Thankfully, the blob of burrata I plopped on top of each bowl cooled things down a bit. Caesar with raw egg/lemon dressing on the side.


I am stuffed, but it was my only meal of the day so I over indulged. I had a craving for steak and baked potato, hum, I wonder why. Grilled New York strip, crusted in Joe Beef, horseradish, large tater with tpstobscago. Salad was cucumber, tomato, red onion, oo and balsamic, dried basil. The steak was more medium than medium rare but it was very tender, juicy and flavorful. Bombay rocks, wine.


Homemade chicken and apple sausages. Butternut-mashed potatoes. Roasted green beans. Applesauce.

Squash, spuds, beans, apples and sage from our garden.


Behold, the majestic Romanesco cauliflower.

I undercooked it; tell no one.


I’ve personally always found sandwiches difficult to photograph. So here’s this beauty from a few angles. Prosciutto, fresh Mozzarella, tomato, roasted red peppers, arugula, balsamic vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil-- I refuse to say “EVOO” since I can’t stand Rachel Ray. Epic sandwich with no abbreviations.

Bombay Martini outside (warm-ish weather today) followed by a Bombay rocks. I’m off tomorrow, though I must devote the entire day for last-minute research for a lecture I’m giving Thursday that I’m getting an award for. So it has to be good!


Eggplant tacos, following a recipe from Guerrilla Tacos. Fried halloumi cheese, Chinese eggplant, roasted tomato salsa, and toasted hazelnuts.


Shaanxi-style ground lamb (with freshly roasted and ground cumin and fennel seeds, cinnamon sticks, garlic, chili flakes, soy sauce, chinkiang vinegar) and oven-roasted green beans and grape tomatoes. Served over rice


That bread looks scrumptious! I don’t find stuff like that in WNC.

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I definitely need to make this. Did you reference a recipe?

The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread - Regional Dining Discussions / New Jersey - Hungry Onion

Thanks to all! And a potluck sounds great!

Congrats on the award.

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The lamb dish is based on this recipe from Gourmet Traveller

The vegetables are made from a recipe by Rozanne Gold in Radically Simple which simply includes preheating your oven to 450F, add green beans with olive oil and salt for 8 minutes. Afterwards add halved grape tomatoes (with any other spices) and roast for another 8 minutes.


Much appreciated!

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