What's For Dinner #86 - the Apples, & Cider, & DONUTS, Oh MY! Edition - October 2022

Speaking for myself, and others’ MMV, but I’d prefer if you posted the description with the photo. It’s a lot of extra scrolling and back and forth.


Those look really good!

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Squid With Black Bean Sauce, adapted from Rasa Malaysia.

The three changes I made:

  • Swap out the dark soy for sweet soy
  • Swap out the snow peas called for with julienned green chiles
  • Par cooked the squid by passing it through oil instead of blanching it

The squid was already cleaned and separated into tubes and tentacles, so the most time consuming part of this was scoring the tubes before cutting into stir fry size pieces. Well worth the effort though, as the squid were nice and tender when the dish was ready! Leftovers for lunch tomorrow, too.


End-of-gardening-season scrounge soup. Our freezers and pantry are loaded with veg, fruit and berries, so what bits are left in the garden, go in the pot: carrots, onion, peas, green beans and parsley. A chicken breast from the freezer and a handful of pasta. Homemade soup crackers.


Cajun Shrimp, chicken sausage, onion, garlic, red peppers, chicken broth over cheesy grits. Bagged salad greens, kale, cabbage, radiccho, broccoli & brussels sprouts. I added radishes and scallions.Cole slaw type dressing. Manhattans.


Leftover masala pot roast, leftover sauteed spinach, frozen paratha, and beetroot croquettes from COTM for dinner.

(The pot roast was surprisingly better with the paratha than the bread I baked specially to accompany it, so that teaches me. )




We enjoyed another outstanding dinner with some friends at La Lupa including the best crispy, juicy fried chicken with hot honey; scallops; delicata squash; fried artichokes with speck; octopus; tortellini with squash; chitarra with uni and crab; Roman gnocchi; baked chocolate chip cookie with chocolate gelato for dessert. It all went great with some excellent Malbec and Shiraz (not pictured).


More confident in my eating skills than my cooking ones and have been too shy to post here. But last night’s dinner was a keeper. Mostly Alison Roman’s short ribs recipe, though I doctored a bit as I cooked. Fantastic. Wish you could smell it!


That looks really good @ninkat, and I do tend to like AR’s recipe. They never lack for flavor. Looking forward to seeing more of your meals here.

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Thanks @Lambchop, I have been enjoying your meals for sure! Impressive surf and turf a while back! I will try to get over my shyness in this area. Friends and family have been supportive of this effort to expand.

Here’s a dinner from a couple of weeks ago. It was a porcini and mushroom sauce from Serious Eats. But what I was most proud of was my home-made pappardelle! (Though I won’t lie, the sauce was really yummy!)


Hee! Hee! Small world!!
Here’s my version! Added some blanched bean sprouts, chives and lightly sauteed onions for texture and crunch


It looks delicious!

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Looks great! My Asian market sells squid pre-scored.


I’m amazed by how much you do from scratch - always!


So nice to have you join us! It’s not a competition here - unless you count trying to outdo each other’s butter portioning. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Incredible. Those noodles look so scarf-able! :drooling_face:


Great to see you on WFD, @ninkat!

Those short ribs look delicious, as does the pasta! (I’m now dreaming of a NYC HO group potluck sometime…)

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Same, but only in the freezer section (at Hmart and similar).

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These meals always look fantastic @paryzer and have me thinking (a) I wish these places were closer to me and (b) I want to incorporate some of these flavor combinations into my own meals!

The Roman gnocchi I’ve not forgotten since the last time you posted it… one of these days I will get around to trying out a recipe.


Yesterday lunch was the big meal - we had green salsa-braised chicken thigh tacos. Later some homemade Liptauer (Austrian paprika-cheese bread spread) and ranch with various dippers. Very fancy plating and photography, natch :rofl:.