What's For Dinner #86 - the Apples, & Cider, & DONUTS, Oh MY! Edition - October 2022

Simple, easy, tasty. Sometimes just what the heart desires.


The Thanksgiving thread is up!


I’m not sure how I got here, but I have become a Beatles song age today. :astonished:

I’m definitely losing my hair.
I don’t send myself birthday greetings, but I always buy myself a bottle (or 6) of wine. (Like DUH!)

I would love to rent a cottage every summer in the Isle of Wight.
But I doubt I could stay out until a quarter to three. (I’m too old for that shit.)

But then again there are those times when I feel like a Five For Fighting song age (pick any of them in that song, and they all apply. :woman_shrugging:)! So you’re only as old as you feel at the time, right?

I had a lovely day on my own today. Up to Newburyport to shop at various stores (chocolates, bread, a farm for my unpasteurized cider and cider donuts, and apples because I decided not to pick them this year).

Dinner tonight was pan-seared duck breast with a char siu and fresh ginger glaze, Israeli couscous and steamed asparagus (a little over what I prefer).

There WAS copious amounts of wine, and there will be chocolates for dessert.

All in all, it was really good day.


Happiest of birthdays to you LindaWhit. Sounds like you had a great day!!


Happy Birthday @LindaWhit ! It looks like you had a fabulous celebration. It seems that you, Mrs. P, and I all turned into a Beatles song this year :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t know where the years went. They just flew by.


A couple of dishes from COTM Thali by Maunika Gowardhan for dinner tonight.

Goan Fish Ambotik, Rajasthani Palak (Spinach) Dal, leftover okra, chapatis from the freezer, and rice+quinoa from the fridge. I cooked the dal yesterday, adjusted spicing and added the spinach tonight.

Lovely meal for not a lot of effort.




Well - you know we still need you and of course we’ll still feed you…:musical_score::guitar::drum::birthday::champagne::clinking_glasses::balloon::tada: Happy Birthday, glad you enjoyed & great looking meal.


Last night’s leftover tri tip. Garden veg. There were some potatoes for DH, as well.


Happy happy, @LindaWhit!
Glad you treated yourself right!


BTW cheers - I think I spy my favorite pinot!

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Happy birthday @Lindawhit. Oh to be 64 again. Dinner looks wonderful,especially the choclates.


Spanish pizza. Stonefire thin crust, bravas sauce, chorizo, onion, garlic, piquillo peppers, castelvetrano olives, manchego cheese, a sprinkle of dried oregano. Salad of mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocado, red onion, pickled carrots, sherry vinegar & oo dressing. Cocktail was a rum sunset, there may have also been Bombay rocks.


Happy birthday Linda! Wishing many years of wonderful eating.


Can’t keep up with WFD , but had to add a Happy Birthday @LindaWhit !

Rinse and repeat.

With this week’s Nancy’s ceci bean salad.


Stir-fried shrimps, green beans and scallions with a sauce made from ginger, garlic, chili-garlic paste, quick broth from the cooked shrimp shells, soy sauce and sesame oil


That cake looks amazing.

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Another happy birthday from me too. It sounds like you had a lovely day. Your entire meal looks delicious especially the chocolates.

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Happy happy birthday! It sounds like you found just the ticket for good day.

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It was REALLY good! First tasted Goldeneye in 2015 and finally sprang for a bottle (on “sale” for $44).

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Happy birthday :tada:

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