What's For Dinner #82 - June 2022 - the Scary Campfire Stories and Sticky S'Mores Month

Long day. Remembered on the way home that my town’s farmers market was running until 7pm so I decided to stop by since I hadn’t yet been this year. Picked up some Swiss chard, green leaf lettuce, arugula, green onions, a couple of small zucchini, and some local Tewksbury Autumn Honey from 2021 that has a deeper flavor than their lighter Spring Honey. With a full shopping bag, I’m leaving.

:::Screech!::: I saw the Cupcake City food truck on my way out and saw their sign say they have “Key Lime Pie” and “Salted Caramel”. Oh yeah, baby. Dessert.

Poured a glass when I got home and relaxed, trying to think about how to make dinner tonight: a thick-cut boneless pork chop from my local butcher.

It ended up being pan-seared a couple of minutes each side after seasoning with oil, s/p, and minced fresh rosemary and thyme.

After removing it from the pan to a baking pan, I added chopped onions, the rest of the rosemary and thyme, and then some white wine and ginger liqueur I bought from Putney Mountain Winery in Vermont several years ago, along with a peeled and sliced Lori Anne peach I got at Wegmans last weekend. OMG, if you have a Wegmans near you, GET THESE PEACHES! The produce guy convinced me they’re the best that Wegmans carries, and they’re amazing!

Poured the “sauce” over top of the chop and into the convection toaster oven on my counter to finish cooking. Israeli couscous and steamed broccoli alongside.

With more wine. And a cupcake for dessert.

And I get to sleep in tomorrow. Extra extra bonus, that.


Dinner looks delicious! If you spied a key lime cupcake AND a salted caramel cupcake hopefully you bought one of each?

Nice Linda. I will try those peaches as I have to go to Wegmans tomorrow. Sleeping in is so sweet. If the boys allow.

Dak-kalguksu, Korean chicken noodle soup with knife cut noodles.


Practicing slicing tri tip. Have you ever seen such a small one! 1 pound! I told husband this was a single serving.


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I love frittatas! Do you use a recipe you an share? Or perhaps or a ratio of eggs to dairy and pan size?

This looks really good - thank you for the link!

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Chicken and veggie stir-fry ala Moo Goo Gai Pan.

Broccolini, carrots and snow peas from the garden.


BF made chicken birria tacos with all the fixings. Unfortunately, his birria came out a little too clove-y - same problem i had when i made birria last time. We’ll get it right one of these times! Crisped up chicken skins as garnish on mine.


beautifully done!

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no worries! no one’s that particular here. at least I hope not.

Linguine Carbonara with slightly crispy diced ham steak and peas


Felt like Thai food. Went back to the hipster place in our hood, and it was very good again.

We split “Better than Boyfriend” - grilled pork belly with macadamia plum sauce (fantastic)

“Chubby Chili” - steamed wontons with chicken & shrimp in a fiery sauce (very good)

Ceviche that kinda wasn’t, but tasty nonetheless (salmon, avocado, mango, red onions, Thai dressing)

And finally “Devil Duck” - spicy crispy duck on veggies. Nice heat level.


But of course! Both are tucked into the farmer’s market picture. The key lime wasn’t very key limey last night. I was kind of hoping the cake part would have some hint of lime, but I think it was just the frosting, and it still wasn’t enough lime for me. But it was good, and supports a local business.


I’ve started July’s thread here:


Looks fantastic!

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That tri-tip looks lovely. Mr Bean always laughs at me when I twist and turn a weird piece of meat to the grain/knife orientation correct.


I love pork and peaches. Thanks for inspiring me!


You correct because you care.