What's for Dinner #73 - School's Back In! Edition - September 2021


So, now, I upload pictures to see if they appeared before I type my message.
Dinner tonight was chicken chow fan. I cooked in three stages, chicken first, then vegetables then the chow fan and then mix them alL together.
Son started to eat the mixed up food while I was cleaning up. So the bowl shows what was left over after dinner tonight. Son says we need more vegetables . I agree . But there is still a lot of leftovers and with him going away tomorrow, if need to, I l will cook more vegetables add it as I like vegetables crisp . Anyway, there is too much left over from the guests this past Sunday even after we sent everybody home with a doggy bag of crabs as we had at least a bushel if not more of crabs. I still have a tray of crabs in fridge and some salted herrings. Not sure how I can finish them.a,
Speaking of crabs, I purchased a new SS 3 tier steamer with handles that stays cool to touch to replace my 40+ year old aluminum 3 tier steamer. No need for mittens!!! It is a heavy duty good quality steamer but slightly smaller than my old aluminum set. So, I requested the company Concord to sell me 2 extra tiers to which they graciously agreed. Wonderful CS. I showed it in another site at hungry onion re electric 3 tier steamer but few people visit that site so, I am going to plug it here. It will work when I have 3-4 dozen crabs . More, I would have to steam them outdoor which is cumbersome . This way, unless there is a bushel or more, I can steam the crabs indoor. The 50 review from amazon was 5 star except for 3 review which gave it 4 star bec one of the complaint is that it is heavy, another states that it is not big enough for his/. her use (just like me but I was able to get 2 extra tiers ) and another review
states it is too pricey but she loves it!


not all pictures appeared. wander why?

BF cooking again, getting rid of leftovers. Chicken mole, using our dwindling stash of frozen ground mole mix from Mexico City (circa 2018?) This one was Oaxacan black mole, and still very potent and chocolatey. He made a little curtido-style slaw for it, and corn salad. La Familia tortillas (they do in a pinch) for making tacos.


Realized I haven’t posted dinner in a while.

Tonight - Rainbow trout with harissa and buttered herby breadcrumbs, with a big fattoush salad on the side - fennel instead of cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, scallions and sumac shallots, and a hybrid dressing because I saw buttermilk fattoush on a menu this weekend, but when I tasted it I wanted more of the traditional dressing flavors, so I added those too. Very tasty, as fattoush always is.



Last night - Indian: Okra stuffed with spices and coconut, simple red masoor dal, and - a surprise even for me - fresh chapatis which are always so delicious.



Night before: also Indian: Chicken and potatoes, rice. Was too tired to make the okra that I bought for that night.




Blistered peppers
Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 7.10.21 PM
Mushroom and barley soup
Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 7.10.39 PM


Wondering what home cooks here think of the BBC cooking carbon print article I posted the other day.

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I’m back.

Trying to atone for past sins, too many carbs. Murgh Malai Tikka and katchumber. Dessert was Galliiano rock with a splash of soda and a squeeze of lime.


That looks delicious - did you use a recipe?

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My typical grilled chicken leg . Maybe a little spicy. Love it . Salad with white anchovies . I’m ordering more of these tomorrow. Fantastic , they remind me when I visited the cinque terra . Agostino Recca. . Cheers.



Sort of. I was looking for a recipe that replicated a dish I had at Dishoom in Edinburgh. This is as close as I could come for just the chicken. I never added the cheese, it just seemed weird to me.


I like her recipes.

Agree on the cheese. I never include it either

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Rao’s and rigatoni, and some broccolini



THANKS for the lesson.
I do type from my Mac book and post my reply from there.
Somehow, the pictures taken from my iPhone appears on my photos in my computer but when I try to upload them, they are not there and have to wait hours if not a day to appear.

I never realized about the !(image) and jpeg). I will try and see what happens next time.

Maybe your son can help you install Dropbox on your iPhone and Mac. This way you can share photos between both devices. Your son can show you how to upload pictures from the iPhone into Dropbox and then when you open Dropbox on your Mac you can see the pictures from your iPhone. You can then save the pictures from Dropbox into your camera uploads folder on your Mac and upload them into Hungry Onion.

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I grew up in a third world country before the so called industrial revolution. My mother cooks one dish for each meal of the day for a family of 4 children and 4 maids. To supplement that dish, We subscribed to a caterer who delivers food in a tiffin carrier. Typically, the bottom compartment is soup and reheat it with the soup on the bottom layer , steam from the soup warms the other 3 stacks of food saving energy.

When mother cooked the one single meal, she would immediately add water and soap to the wok, reusing the remaining heat source which cleans the wok very efficiently after meals. I still do the same thing to this day as the dwindling heat from my hot plate does a very efficient job of cleaning my pots.

1973, My husband and I were invited to a conference in Carmel, where all the leading inventors convened. There was the inventor for jet engine, fiber optic, Shockley,inventor of the transistor. . As a young patent lawyer, we were invited to dinner by the CEO of Monsanto who taught us a very valuable lesson. He told us that his son encouraged him to go green. So, despite their wealth, they never threw away the coco cola bottles , but returned them to the grocery for a few pennys .They reuse their paper towels when they wipe their kitchen counter or hands to wipe the floors. While papers generally have a small carbon print, collectively, they are contributing to deforestation, global warming and an ever increasing waste problem. Little steps can make a difference.

Sometime in the late 80’s, despite extensive electrical hookup to highlight our sculpture garden, my husband disconnected all our outdoor lights , even that of our pier as he realized we are living under the nighttime glow of artificial light, and it is causing big problems for humans, wildlife, and the environment. So, that was our contribution to reduce light pollution. Initially, I was dismayed, argued there was no reason to light all the sculptures, the pond, the pier but he was adamant that we do our part to save the environment. Of course, he was the 1979 recipient by the FED OF WILD LIFE as water environmentalist tof the year as an award from the Sierra Club , one of the first person to be awarded by governor Schaeffer as
a beautiful person in Md. as well.

To this day, I do the same thing with all the paper towels as well as zip lock bags. I keep them and use them to collect noxious garden weeds such as poison ivy, dog waste etc. As much as possible, I try to avoid using stretch tite, aluminum foil but use my collection of crystal plate and dome for storing non perishable food , dips on the kitchen counter overnight or to be used within the next 24 hour. It not only helps my effort to reduce carbon print but they look spectacular on my kitchen counter and my DR table.I must have 10 of them. Why not use them to advantage ? I even use crystal biscuit jars on my kitchen countertop for my kitchen trash to be thrown in the composter pile.



This looks SO amazing!

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@Saregama Thanks so much for bringing this back up to the top of the pile. If everyone could make small changes in their kitchens everyday, I dream of what the collective “we” can achieve.


Fab! What was that egg dish?

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2