What's For Dinner #72 - Wait, Summer Is Almost Over? Edition - August 2021

Thanks. I’ll stick to salt and pepper.

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We have some shrimp, chicken and sausage with broccoli rabe and linguine. Finished in a garlic and white wine broth, delicious!!


Late, low effort but tasty dinner. Smoked pulled pork from my favorite bbq place reheated with some very good tomatillo salsa for smoky, porky, tender and delicious faux pork salsa verde (would have made great tacos if I had more energy) and a salad of FM cherry tomatoes and avocado with lemon juice, EVOO and flake sea salt. And a G&T.


Reminded me that I have not made Mexican shrimp cocktail for a while., so here is dinner with left over HT’s fried chicken.
Here is my recipe if interested

1.25 pound chilled cooked 16/20 Argentina shrimp - peeled, deveined, and tails removed
tomatoes, different kind from garden, chopped
1.5 cucumber, seeded, finely chopped
2 stalks celery heart ,finely chopped
2 jalapeno pepper, seeded and finely chopped
2 teaspoons le guerandais sea salt ( only if Bloody Mary mix is not added as BM is salty )
2 teaspoons ground black pepper
1 cups chilled V8 spicy juice
1 cup clam juice
1 /2 cup chilled Bloody Mary mix ( I was out of Bloody Mary mix so I wanted to add tequila but my son ibjected
1/2- 1 bunch fresh cilantro - stems discarded and leaves chopped ( will does not like cilantro otherwise 1 bunch)
Tabasco sauce to taste (we love spicy food)
2 avocado, NS as to Florida or Californias avocados - peeled, pitted, and chopped

I usually roast my shrimp shells then add it to water and bring it to a boil, then simmer. nowadays, I even add all the odds and ends, peels from my vegetable.

Put the shells in water bring to a boil, then strain the shell stock into a separate pot and cook the shrimp in that liquid for 2-3 min then chill the shrimp

Chop vegetables cucumber, tomatoes, jalapeño peppers.celery Cilantro, Then mix it with shrimp, lime juice, tabasco, sea salt ( if no bloody mary mix added) and chill. The diced vegetable part of the cocktail is pretty forgiving; a little more of something and less of something else shouldn’t affect it that much.

Mix clam juice, ( I am starting with 1 cup), I cup of Clam juice (and 1/2 cup Bloody Mary mix. which I did not use today)
Mix together everything, leave chilled and serve with freshly chopped avocado when ready to serve
Sprinkle le guerendais sal de mar lightly
It is like gazpacho soup with shrimp
Taste good and healthy especial on a hot summer day




the other thing they crave is smoked sardines in evoo from Polar with Carr’s cheese melt crackers. OH, they love that as appetizer, between meals. Unfortunately, Costco no longer carries those crackers. I found out from Carr that they are made in Amsterdam for them. it is still available at Amazon but pricey.
romo one dog love to another, I am very happy to tell you that my Luna had recent bilateral patellar subluxation surgery and is recuperating from that. This was the verdict today although follow up from the radiologist two Thursdays ago was that the left knee is still subluxated which made me very stressful. However , the surgeon returned from vacation today and told me it is in place. However, she needs PT, specifically underwater treadmill to strengthen her extensor tendons So, I have signed up for 10- 30 minute sessions and she wil be fitted with smaller toe grips pm Thursday as she tends to slide on my floor which is tiled. It. had been very stressful 7 months for us but this is happy happy news forth of us. This is her 7th birthday party, cupcake made of liver and smoked salmon.


Super simple supper of prawns and homemade cocktail sauce. Yard chard with guanciale lardons to fill the plate.

Add images here


Tuesday 'tini’s after a busy day for the BF and I. He’s turning into a martini drinker. He’s a good man. Gin for him, vodka for me? What’s going on??? (Bombay and Stoli, respectively. His extra dirty)

Drinks would have been outside, except this rolled in:

We went to Fort Hancock on Sandy Hook (NJ) specifically to see the storm action. Crazy stuff!

Dinner was chicken and mixed vegetables stir fry and frozen dumplings in the air fryer.


Beautiful presentation!


Com tam - broken rice plate. Only with non broken rice. Intact rice plate. Pickled daikon and carrot, fried egg, marinated broiled pork shoulder, tomato, cucumber. With fried scallion and nuoc cham for dipping.


I made red beans and rice from a box and added onion, local green bell pepper and okra, garden zucchini, beef kielbasa, and Gulf shrimp.


After cutting up the NOT-mini watermelon I had ordered for my building folks (what a perfect day for watermelon!) I ate more than a little too.

So, dinner was delayed.

I saw Singapore noodles somewhere (was it here?) in the past week and it stuck in my mind. But I am out of curry powder. Lightbulb moment - I own every ingredient in curry powder!

Sliced a hot dog (oh yeah! Buns are done but not the franks!) into skinny strips and browned to stand in for pork. Plump shrimp cut into bite-size pieces. Onion, scallions, and a long pepper.

Sautéed spinach eaten separately.

Made way too much, because dry rice vermicelli is among the hardest things to separate and portion!


Way behind on WFD but this is my first time making Green Goddess and I’m excited!

Some from this

And some from this

I put in a some ripe Hass Avacado (I bought 4 on sale; so crazy), and hope that won’t ruin it’s staying power too much.


Plum ketchup is good!

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Me too!

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Your duck breast looks beautiful. Is the skin crispy? I also use a lot of d’artagnan’s duck breast bec of my diet but the skin is not as crispy as I like it to be, I do not know the reason as I used to be able to crisp it up, Nowadays, my son refuse to eat the skin as. he only likes it very crispy and the Pomeranians are the ones who benefit from them. I wander if the skin has to be almost charred to be crispy? I prepare a marinade of soy , vinegar, fresh ground pepper , crush red pepper, tabasco and garlic as a dip for the duck breast. Same dips for the maple half duck from Kirkland with gets very crispy skin. I now prefer that to the D’artagnan duck breast or that reason. We throw away the orange sauce that comes with it and use the soy mixture as dip instead.

. I follow same technique but never follow in the oven. I wil try your technique next time. Usually when I prepare duck breast, I would precook my potatoes in the microwave oven until it is partially done. Then, when restiing the duck breast, I use the duck fat to cross up the potatoes.


How do like your Wolf counter oven?

Last night at sister’s I made this simple dish: Fresh cut tomatoes (I used cherry & TJs larger Early Girls) get marinated for at least 4 hours, unrefrigerated, with minced garlic, olive oil, s&p, and basil. The house smelled AMAZING, and the tomato juices formed this fantastic sweet/garlicky sauce, which gets mixed into hot angel hair (I used capellini) and finished with parm regg. Any long pasta will work but there’s something really satisfying about getting a big mouthful of these really thin noodles, which really soaked up all that garlicky, tomato-y goodness. Summer in a bowl.


I love it! I very seldom use my Vulcan range oven nowadays except when we are making pizza as the EH pizza stone is heavy and stays permanently in one of the Vulcan’s oven after it is cleaned , and tendency is to make a big sheet of pizza anyway. Of course when I made those Bak Kwa recently as I had 3 cookie sheet trays but once I had to broil it after they were cooked at 250 degrees, I used my counter top oven. I was one fo their first customer and received a 20% discount for my recipe of crispy oven fried chicken wings in 2015. ( of course that was not my recipe but I followed Elton Brown’s recipe by steaming the wings, discard the fat, wiping the remaining fat off the wings, placing them in the fridge overnight, and then dusting them with baking powder prior to finishing them in the oven. I had wanted to know if that will work in the Wolfe’s oven and was told that was not in their recipe book. The chef at their demo center made a batch and told me it was very crispy, serving them to their customers and had to make 2 more batches by popular demand ( this was great, no sauce added, we just dip the wings in our favorite wing sauce )That is how I got my 20% discount. It is very convenient for toasting my croissant for breakfast, aside from baking ( I can stick 3 EH’s 1.25 Q loaf pan with enough clearance, there is a proofer, Can bake a 10.5 EH pie and another 10.25 pie with the second optional rack. There is also a broiler which my Vulcan does not have at the time we purchased it in 1979. They come with a salamander instead but the design of the salamander prevented me from having a condiment rack. Sp, we opt for the latter. Wolf makes very good reliable products.


i have a whole small jar of GG dressing left over from the weekend’s festivities. must use up!


Thanks so much. I am vacillating on buying a Wolfe countertop. May I ask one more question? What is the biggest skillet that will fit in it?

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