What's for Dinner #70 - The "Kickoff to the Summertime BBQ" Edition - June 2021

I :heart: this post @Barca. You eat how I would eat if I could. :relaxed:



Thank you for the lovely compliment.
For us, just a pasta for lunch with a little bit of salmon roe …
Some cheese from the shop Poncelet shown in the photo for dessert with some fresh fruit.

Well, a lovely weekend and all our best wishes during these complex times …


Understood. This was quick and easy and at the moment fit the bill. I was looking to coat it in tahini but the cupboard was bare some evoo and mayo filled in. It was tastier than anticipated or I could have just been a hungry :onion:


Dinner tonight is chicken tikka masala with rice and steamed broccoli. The weekend will be disrupted as we pack the house for painters coming on Monday. We’ll have a single burner, a microwave, and a drip coffee maker for a week. Next week will be interesting.

I’ve painted a lot of houses on a DIY basis in my life. I’m past that now. This will be a new experience.




Mrs. P went above and beyond today by preparing filet mignon topped with blue cheese and sautéed onions, with a side of roasted delicata squash with smoked andouille sausage. On top of that she made Mr. B’s inspired BBQ shrimp and guacamole. It all went great with an excellent 2015 Barolo. We enjoyed it outside on the deck on a beautiful evening.



Dinner was OUT tonight with a friend at Frank’s in Beverly, MA… Frank McClelland is the owner-chef, formerly of Harvest in Cambridge, L’Espalier in Boston, and Sel de la Terre in Boston. He went back to his roots with a local and season-centric offering, and OH MY was it amazing!

I had a glass of white wine, she had a Summer Sipper #2 … IIRC, it was a light strawberry vodka with a watermelon liqueur, i think (didn’t get a pic if the drink menu) with a pickled watermelon rind.

For apps, we chose focaccia with honey lavender butter,

and the winner of the night: warm tasso ham with fermented allium jam. The jam had a bit of a horseradishy bite, but not overwhelmingly, and it complimented the tasso ham’s sweetness perfectly.

Our mains were a half portion of Wellfleet class chittara with smoked tomato sofrito and bacon bread crumbs for her, and a half portion of a summer short rib sugo rigatoni with creme fraiche for me.

We split a dessert of an ice cream sandwich with s’mores ice cream, toasted vanilla fluff and graham cracker crumbs.

SO GOOD! Not an every day dinner, but a very nice treat out.


A fridge and pantry dive if there ever was one! No energy to cook tonight. Canadian bacon, fresh Mozzarella, potatoes (canned; don’t even remember buying them), and onion. All on top of a surprisingly decent Aldi flatbread crust. BF had the same but added tomato sauce to his.


Looks tasty but did you go to another restaurant afterwards with just some half portions for dinner ?

A new H Mart opened up somewhat nearby recently and I got some instant ramyun and some tteokbokki from there. I made some of the tteokbokki for dinner following this recipe by Maangchi for the most part, with frozen fish balls and a hard boiled egg.


Dukes Mayo

It really came out nice and tasty


Always amazing meals Eli


A true blue rare gem and a stunning Barolo …

Have a lovely weekend.

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Chicken tikka masala last night was–as usual–a great success. It’s so easy and simply tastes so good. Seconds for both of us and leftovers I’ll probably get to shortly for breakfast.

Dinner tonight will be thick pork chops stuffed with spinach and feta (because we have them).


Wow. :star_struck: Frank’s has been on my list. Your report elevates it to a must-go treat.


Could you remind me what you use in that?

DH cooked - pork loin chops from the fancy butcher (a tad overcooked), sauteed apples and sage, COTC (also a bit overdone, waah), delicious tomato-cuke salad with basil and dill and a mixed greens salad. Had a bit of pork left.

A DELICIOUS slice of carrot cake made by our friends.


I love all the colors on this plate - so yummy looking.

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My “recipe” is to put a pot of water on the boil and show the steaming pot to the COTC. Lots of pepper. Done. grin


Nope. Half portions on the main were enough for us both along with the apps and dessert. (There was a lot more of the focaccia on the bread board…we had already eaten it before I remembered to take pics when the tasso ham app came out).

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
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