What's For Dinner #63 - the Giving Thanks Edition - November 2020

Ohhhh, NO!!! Hope you recover soon, @gcaggiano!


:+1: Yukon’s are my go to. These days those little baby multicolor potatoes are filling my fridge



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I think I’m ok now. Since the post a few hours ago, I’ve been ok. I really want to call them, but at this point I don’t think there would be a point.


Boeuf bourgignon sorta a la Julia last night.

Made on Sunday night so the flavors would have time to meld. I followed Julia Child’s recipe except for the gravy additions, for which I used my umami bomb leftover pot roast gravy (that I had frozen) which had many of he same ingredients.

Sautéed additional mushrooms, quartered shallots instead of pearl onions, and baby carrots in butter and added them to the strained sauce at the end before reducing it, which cooked the vegetables just enough.

Accompaniments tonight were mashed potatoes (leftover from last week’s roast), charred Brussels sprouts, and a bit of baguette - you know, for the sauce.

Very satisfying dinner for a chilly evening.


As I didn’t have to cook much tonight, I used the afternoon to start on Diwali snacks and sweets. Started with a tester batch of badam katli - a sort-of almond fudge if you will, and shakkarpara - sweet diamond-shaped biscuits.

Made the mistake of small quantities, so everything I made is finished and now I have to make it all over again :woman_facepalming:t2:


Happy Diwali! Great looking BB!

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Yikes. Feel better!


After spending a nice spin around the local asian market, I made pad thai for dinner. Needs some tweaking/boosting. I think that we are used to the heavy salt hand of takeout for this dish. The kid refused to even try after saying it all smelled too fishy in the kitchen. That is a downside of using fish sauce. It does tend to linger a bit.


Apple cider marinated pork chop with a couple of Tbsp of Canadian Club whiskey added to the hot saute pan before it went into the oven to finish.

Mashed sweet potatoes and roasted garlic Brussels sprouts alongside, with some of my Triple Apple Applesauce.

I had wine. And I loaded my plate because I had a relatively crappy lunch at work that I didn’t finish, so I was HONGRY.


Crispy-char tofu with (eventual) steamed beans. Lunch was filling so I finished up the pack of extra firm and the beans to make way for B-sprouts tomorrow.


Might save others from the same fate, though. I’d tell them I’d hate to have anyone else get as sick as I was. Sorry that happened to you.


Thanks! It starts tomorrow, goes through the weekend. Actual Diwali day is Saturday.


DH cooked while I made phone calls for Dems. Braised chicken with leeks, rosé, and foraged mushrooms. So good. With leftover pilaf. Brownish but tasty.


Tonight I needed to make the honey garlic marinated pork tenderloin that was languishing in the fridge. I roasted that along with some new potatoes and carrots. Served this to the kids along with some salad and corn.

Adults had lasagna, which the kids don’t prefer eating, but son happily participates in the making. This version is made with ground turkey, and has plenty of spinach and artichoke hearts in the ricotta layer. I lighten it up a little by skipping the top layer of pasta – we’ve come to prefer it this way. The lasagna pictured is the leftovers jigsawed into another container for storage, which is why the topping looks so bizarrely uneven.


Our indian night has flipped from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Tonight we had cauliflower, green beans in peanut sauce, sweet and sour dal, rice, and the various chapatis from last week. I am not a fan of stale chapatis that have not been stored properly and/or reheated properly, so I took it off my plate post pic and ate rice instead (I have chapatis in the freezer, but anyway).

Kids and I did not like the food much - too oily and spicy, but the powers that be enjoyed just that, so let’s see how it goes. Next week I may make the dal for a change, and maybe a vegetable for the kids and me.

This afternoon, I did some more Diwali cooking before I was displaced from the kitchen by a plumber. Gajar (carrot) ka halwa for Sat Diwali dinner with another family coming over. I can’t recall ever having made this before, though I’ve watched / helped my mom make it many time. Turned out pretty good, but I need to add more ghee when I reheat it.

And my delivery (pick up actually) from the Indian store came - woo hoo! The local store here got their website done just in time, so it’s now possible to order for pickup (smaller minimum) or even delivery (higher of course). YAY! I was very impressed - they have replace/don’t options and a comment box so you can be specific about what replacements are acceptable. The results were as if I was shopping myself, rather than the babysitter who usually goes, and then we have fun figuring out what she thought was a replacement for what :rofl:. Only two things didn’t make it home, and they were things that I didn’t think would be in stock anyway.

I’ve already broken into all the different sweets :roll_eyes::joy: - with willing accomplices. The salty snacks will be breached next… the night is young… Yay Diwali!


Some corndogs made with instant pancake mix and fish sausages inspired by an episode of Midnight Diner. Also deep fried the leftover pancake batter to make kind of a funnel cake. And also a store bought curry croquette from the freezer.


That looks like an old fashioned state fair on a plate. In case you’re still hungry you my want to try this from the NY State Fair -

5. The Defibrillator

The Defibrillator: A deep-fried half-pound burger topped with deep-fried bacon, deep-fried pickles and cheddar cheese, all served between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019.

Arguably a New York State Fair classic, the Defibrillator is a sought-out treat for any fair foodie.

It’s a deep-fried half-pound burger topped with deep-fried bacon, deep-fried pickles and cheddar cheese, all served between two grilled cheese sandwiches.


What! The kids…don’t like lasagna? I’m just confused, hah, what’s not to like!


My daughter (12) won’t eat any type of pasta/ red sauce combination and generally dislikes tastes and textures mixed together, certainly if saucy. She prefers any pasta prep with a garlic/oil kind of sauce. She’s generally got a pretty broad range of acceptable foods, so I work with it. Paella and jambalaya are loved, lasagna is a hard no. My son will occasionally eat lasagna, but vastly prefers the assembly to the eating.