What's for Dinner #59 - the Summertime Covid Blues Edition - July 2020

Give it to him!!

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We have a tiny outdoor space! I’ve to see if he’s real serious first. Prefer one that we can store it when not in use!

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Cortador ( A Professional Ham Carver, or Butcher, PACO DE LA VEGA ) has incredible ham for those who eat it ( I do not eat meat for quite a long time) however, this is one of the best brands. Paco is located in Valencia, however, he has collaborators in Madrid and Barcelona and all major cities in Spain.


Team ricotta! I get the smoothness of the bechamel, and do love versions made with it (del posto!), but ricotta has the rustic feel that I just can’t go without when it comes to lasagna.


Went simple: grilled Tsardusted bone-in pork chop from my butcher, finished in the convection oven.

Served with Lime-Pepper-Maple mashed sweet potatoes and steamed green beans.

Oh, there was wine. Yup, yup, yup.


Our beloved Bloom restaurant in Verona, NJ just reopened for takeout after taking a 4 month Covid-19 vacation. We enjoyed some excellent takeout. They took great care in preparing and wrapping everything for takeout. They even deconstructed the spicy pork tacos with wasabi coleslaw in different components so we could prepare it ourselves at home (so it wouldn’t get soggy). We also enjoyed excellent bulgogi, kimchi, and cheese, and spicy crispy chicken burger sandwiches with fries that remained crispy. For appetizers we had the grilled octopus with salsa verde, cauliflower puree, and quinoa, as well as crispy juicy chicken wings with soy sauce. It all went great with an excellent 2008 Italian Syrah.


What was left of beets with blood orange EVOO and Blenheim vinegar

Teriyaki chicken skewers, oyster sauce chard, basmati


Mini chorizo & ground beef/pork meatloaf a la @mariecarmen, (moist & delicious, the meatloaf not Maria, although she may be too) served it with left over wedge of tortilla española topped with a glob of aioli and corn, tomato, avocado salad. There was a large glass of sangria.


Yes and the foil wrapped potato! It was a time warp indeed, but the leftovers made a tasty lunch as sandwiches for the 2 of us @escaped. Had an even more retro day today, may post about it on the nostalgia thread…

totally stressful day due to just stupid work tech connection issues. ALL DAY, start to finish. in between i tried to start dinner. Burned the black beans i was making for refrieds for salbutes - little fried masa cakes. And then the masa harina must have been rancid, the salbutes, while light and crispy, just had this stale taste to them. feh. the carnitas were good, but of course I didn’t make them, for a change! Got them pre-made from our FM, and they were fantastic. Wasted on those stale disks and burned beans.

Of course, we ate it all.

This day can just go eff itself!

counting down the minutes until the cocktail hour…


:smile: I’m sure I’d benefit from being wrapped in bacon too!

that looks great, glad you liked it!


I had the same feeling, and nothing like that even happened. Just a lousy day.


Another potato and onion (and cheese!) frittata.


I made lightened-up old skool (turkey) tacos, seasoned pinto beans, and DH made a massaged kale salad with dried blueberries and coconut. It worked.

I had a friend over to distance-split an Italian red on the porch. Delicious and great convo. COVID really shows you who your true friends are.


that may be worse, i think… :cry:


that’s a beauty…

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It always amazes me how a day can start bad, and continue to be fraught the entire time. Nothing flows! Hope the HH was good, and that your weekend is perfect @mariacarmen. :sun_with_face:


Love both, but the distinct preference is for bechamel; in that case we make fresh lasagne “noodles”, rolled to the thinnest setting. Very special meal when that happens @Auspicious.


thanks! no happy hour but late night cocktails loom… you have a great one too!

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Homemade injera with Doro Wat, and Y’Abesha Gomen. The Doro Wat is based on Marcus Samuelson’s recipe. I used his berebere recipe too as I thought I had a prepared blend but didn’t. Luckily I had most of the individual spices needed to make the berebere. I hacked the traditional spiced butter - Niter Kebbe - adding the spices but not the clarified butter. Dinner was delicious but no where near as good as the food at one of our favorite restaurants - Ada’s Gojjo in Asbury Park, NJ. It was fun to make though.