What's for Dinner #49 - the Falling Leaves Edition - Sept 2019

Thanks! Yea, new to wfd.

Silent reader all the while - used to be hanging out at dining spots under Asia in CH. Was introduced here by another old bird from CH. Likes to read recipe books and sites but I’m no expert in cooking. Got a tiny kitchen, and the meals are usually either for one or two. No complicated recipes nor space for more gadgets. :wink:

Like Japanese meals so my usual dinners consist of miso soup with mixed rice or additional 1-2 dishes.


these are so hands-off, once they are initially browned and you put the stock, extra butter, garlic and herbs in, the oven does the rest of the job.


Me too, Thwysg. Me too. Fan of Japanese food and the country. My kitchen is also tiny. Apartment in size but it’s a house. But then everything is small here.

Look forward to seeing more of your meals made in your tiny kitchen.


What’s pho dinner? Last night.

Pie for dessert - chocolate cream.


A friend had sent me free box aaaages ago but it had never appealed.

Back from a summer of little cooking, I’ve been hard pressed for inspiration so I decided to give it a go (they email me twice a week, otherwise I might have forgotten :rofl:).

I figured they might put together meals I wouldn’t, and push me a bit. Also takes the thought out of it when I’m struggling with ideas anyway.

(ETA: the meals are pretty straightforward compared to what I usually cook - three are meat-potatoes/rice-green veg, one is pasta-meat-no veg - I try not to eat either this much meat or carb on a “normal” basis, so that’s interesting).

It’s HelloFresh - I’ll write more on the thread I see started on meal kits


Boy, do I dislike a “hellacious, crazy, nutsy-cuckoo day”.


Early dinner before stargazing later, followed by drinks and snacks I assume.

Second kit meal, with some amendments again.

Bibimbap - they sent ground beef, a small zucchini, two carrots, four mushrooms, and rice.

They also sent soy sauce, sesame oil, and vinegar to be mixed into a finishing sauce. I made the sauce i prefer instead, gochujang-based.

I added onions and scallions to the beef, and fixed the seasonings to my taste overall.

All in all, a tasty meal. Probably 2-3 portions left over.


I’m not sure that is permitted - will have to report you to HelloFresh.


Jealousy! Looks awesome

Grilled salmon, green salad with ranch, and Ottolenghi’s “tomato party” subbing boiled freekeh for the couscous and fregola. Very tasty.


Food looks delicious. Brandy is experiencing a big come back. From cognac to armagnac to other small batched brandies.


Thanks @ChristinaM - we’re bad, we had it for breakfast too! :scream_cat:

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This is true. Some of the dishes I wouldn’t have thought to make myself, so that was kinda’ fun. If I can find my photo recipe cards from Blue Apron I’ll post them on the Meal Kit thread.

Btw… your meals look really good!


I know! I’m usually a rule breaker. Wish I had thought to doctor mine too!


Pretty too.

I like how you improvise when you don’t have or like an ingredient. Sometimes I don’t make something if I don’t have everything the recipe calls for. I gotta’ stop that.

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Home after 4 hour drive. Drag supermarket roast chicken carcass from ice chest, place in covered pot in 275degree oven with half an onion and garlic clove, cover with water…and take a nap.

Awakened by deep chicken aroma. Add egg noodles and picked chicken meat. Effortless dinner.

Leftovers for lunch tomorrow.


Oh, yes.

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Aw, thanks! Rules are just a challenge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Short ribs off the smoker then steamed in the oven to finish. Juicy meat and creamy roasted potatoes