What's for Dinner #49 - the Falling Leaves Edition - Sept 2019

I made a horrific dinner last night - it was edible but just barely. I am tossing the rest today. It amuses me after many decades of cooking that I have the occasional failure. Would put it in the top ten worst of things I/DH have ever made. Like the BK taco, I would have to be paid to ever eat it again.

It was a polenta soup with water as the base, EVOO, garlic, Parmesan and spinach. It was delicious the first time, but I erred by substituting
baby greens spring mix instead of using spinach. The cilantro and something else in the mix didn’t pair w/the other flavors. DH said it wasn’t THAT bad. We’re going out for dinner tonight. Happy Friday! :sunglasses:


Having an occasional failure just means you are open to experimentation and continued learning! If we only stick with the safe options we don’t have challenges to grow from.


So true @meatn3, but thank you for saying so :blush:

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Raspberries??? Wow… :two_hearts:

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Same thing different day but slightly more attractive than usual- found tiny rainbow tomatoes that were fantastic and on major sale. Snacked on a whole pint of them just dipped in a little smoked salt. This also had some tofu in the bottom to catch the extra dressing (kimchi vinaigrette still) and scallions and lots of cilantro

Met a good friend for drinks last night at this ridiculous rooftop bar- too bad I didn’t take a photo but my first drink was a great combo of vodka with elderflower liqueur and cucumber juice. Mine here was the flower drink that’s blurry.

Geez. After drinks we walked to Beyond Sushi (she’s my only veggie friend!) and we shared a bunch of fantastic sushi that I didn’t take photos of- including the seasonal roll on their menu here:

Which was kinda whacky yet very tasty. The mushroom roll is my forever favorite


Thanks! The first time I made them I followed the NYT recipe that accompanied the article on a red hook pupusa truck (which is where I ate them first).

This time I eyeballed it - a cup and a half of masa harina, and maybe 2-2.5 cups of hot water, added in stages. It needed a lot more hydration this time (I adjust it after it has rested for a bit - it sucks up the water).

I also add a bit of oil and salt to the dough.

I use a hybrid method for forming the pupusas - stuff the dough balls like indian potato patties (flatten into a cup in your palm, stuff, reform the ball) and flatten between sides of a ziplock bag like a tortilla (but not in a press).


What’s become my standard Friday night dinner: steak tips with Ballymaloe steak sauce, a gigantic half a baked tater with TPSTOB and sour cream, and asparagus.

Oh yup. Wine.


Almost 61yo, and it still happens. To me, it’s the whole point of cooking…you screw up, you adapt and figure it out.


I thought the same thing! I am so impressed @Saregama made them!


Oh, Sweetie, I may be double your age, and I find myself pulling off the weekly flop. There’s always Chalula or Guacamole Salsa.


Little dinner after big lunch. Hens of the woods omelet. Either too many hens or too few eggs, but tant pis.


Almost 65 “Y El Mismo”

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Pan-seared 3 minutes on each side then finished in oven at 425 for 10 minutes.

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We have 2 bushes @Ttrockwood and they produce from about mid July and usually last through September. Enough for us to enjoy and also share with the grownup kids. They’re wonderful to have.

I’m wanting to make shakshouka,


or some sort of eggs poached in tomato sauce. Starting with something pepperonatta-ish.

Peperonata-Serious Eats

Maybe tomato shrub for vinegar. I have gallons!

I have to say cooking on the west coast after seeing and being inspired by what so many have already made seems a distinct advantage!


@pilgrim and @LindaWhit - Thanks for the support, it’s really kind of funny, makes me feel like I just started cooking :upside_down_face: and it was really awful. Just need to remember not to make that substitution again!


thanks - i meant the rolling/stuffing, but i read up-thread that you got those pre-rolled, yes?

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that is a stunning omelet. never too much shrooms.


nice, thanks for this. i think the oil is key…

i’ve seen them made in pupuserias, where the women just flatten them into submission with their hands after they’re stuffed.

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if i had a nickel for every dish I effed up… i wouldn’t even be here talking to you people! :grinning:

like everyone else said, we’ve all been there, multiple times, and will be again. hope you enjoyed dinner out!


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