What's for Dinner #45 - 05/2019 - The Sunshiny, Flowery & Blooming May Edition

I am only at home for one full week each month (due to work), so on those weeks, I’m super psyched to cook for my family and relieve them from the takeout my poor overworked husband relies on. This week dinners (no pix sorry!):

  1. Grilled! beef burgers with grilled garden asparagus (first crop of year) and watermelon/mint/chive salad (s,p, & evoo). Herbs also from the garden.
  2. Kielbasa sliced and warmed with sauteed onions and sauerkraut, roasted potatoes, mustards on the side.
  3. Couscous made w/very flavorful homemade chicken stock, topped with various veg (potato, carrot, celery, zukes, garbanzos) cooked in same stock, topped with chopped mint/chives/parsley from garden and evoo.
  4. Lamb “gyro” meat w/pitas and greek salad.
  5. Savory claufouti w/onions, mushrooms, and potatoes.
  6. Fried chicken sort of cobb salad (we add roast beets and sweet pickle chips).

We try and mix up the meat dinners with the veg dinners, to be a little planet friendly.


Chicken tikka masala with leftover spiced- up braised beans and cauli rice


That sounds fantastic! The whole week is impressive! And yikes, that’s an intense schedule you have…

Last night was leftover soup since it was still cold and rainy…
simple salad thing tonight with the last orange I’m going to buy, they’re not good lately and only half of this cara cara was worth eating as is (the rest went in my juicer). A few handfuls of crunchy black edamame and pretzel fish a la carte not pictured


Agree, I haven’t had a decent orange in ages … The cara caras this season were the greatest letdown


Glorious day today, after cold and rainy to be followed by more cold and rainy…

Stopped by the Mrs Maisel / Carnegie Deli pop-up food truck on my way home.

Went over to a friend’s to share the goodies and crack open a bottle of champs to celebrate the weather.

Crudités with an addictive, stupidly easy salsa+cream cheese dip to start.

Followed by half a loaded pastrami sandwich (slightly toasted), kir royales from the other half of the champagne bottle, and the black & white cookie that came with the sandwich for dessert.

Alls right in the world for now… till the cold and rain tomorrow :rofl:


A job is a job :frowning:
I actually love to cook, but not for one. So I go a little nuts when I’m home, and when I’m by myself at the apartment, it’s almost always some kind of pasta or ravioli that’s bought at the store. Just boil water. Lest you think the schedule is awful, I am home every Fri, Sat, and Sun also…


The clafoutis sounds like a nice alternative to the quiche I default to.


“Absence makes the appetite grow stronger”
Sounds like the meals are real quality time though!


A unexciting picture but it was tasty.

BBQ chicken thighs and a variety of grilled veggies (asparagus from my mom’s garden, delicata squash, red skinned potatoes).


I love quiche, but really don’t know how to make it. And unless the crust is exceptional (very few places imo), for me I just sort of ignore it and eat the egg middle. So clafoutis seemed like a natural vehicle to go savory, since I already was frequently making it sweet and with fruit for weekend breakfasts.


We’re getting the tram into the city centre for dinner this evening.

Tomorrow - grilled gammon steaks, creme fraiche & 2 mustard sauce (Dijon & grain), spuds, peas & broad beans.

Gammon & sauce idea - from Nigel Slater’s “Eat”.

By the by, I’ve just ordered Slater’s new book “Greenfeast - spring, summer”. There will be another volume later in the year for the other two seasons. As suggested by the title, recipes are seasonal and entirely vegetarian.


that’s sad! they were really good here. but their season is short.

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damn i want to be there again!

p.s. - love the glasses.


Ah, that’s good you’re home a few days a week too. I actually had a similar schedule for a few months, home fri-sun, but no week off. Somehow i got used to it…

Whoahza!! And the sandwich was free???! Five star day you had! And such a fantastic outdoor space your friend has. Totally worth popping some bubbles :clinking_glasses:

You get used to anything. I’ve had this schedule for about 6 yrs.

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Mrs. P made a deconstructed chicken taco with pulled chicken, fresh garlic, hoisin sauce, red and green onions, homemade guacamole, jalapeño cream cheese with chipotle powder, chopped mini peppers, arugula, English cucumbers, radishes, smoked beets, and blue corn tortilla chips :yum:


Man, Mrs. P!!! :heart_eyes:


Someone put a bag of pears on the kitchen counter at work, so I grabbed one to use with dinner tonight.

A b/s chickie boobie seasoned with s/p and dried thyme, and pan-seared in butter and olive oil. Chopped shallots added for all of about 15 seconds before pouring in some wine. Covered and let simmer until mostly reduced, adding peeled slices of pear near the end, finishing with a Tbsp of heavy cream.

Sides were basmati rice and asparagus.

And wine for the cook.