What's for dinner? #4 - Dec 2015 - The Solstice Countdown Edition

If this restaurant is anywhere near NYC, I’d like the name, please.

Depends on your definition of near… about 4.5 hours from the city. Central PA.

Thanks for reply, but that’s a bit out of my range. I can find good Szechuan at more convenient locations. :blush:

Yah, I figured as much. But I am deliriously happy to have such a fab Sichuan place in my town… so whenever I visit the city, it’s not something I seek out.

I make this observation without comment*

At the time of me writing it, this thread started at the beginning of the month has attracted 99 replies.

An equivalent thread on “the old place” has attracted 27. And the previous full thread attracted 273 posts betwen 19/11 and 3/1.

(* Tee, hee)


And yet, even our own CM (over there) claims that people have simply moved on to the next thread… not other places.

Uh-huh, yeah '-D

Thx for the stats. Given that we are 109 posts on the first 7 days, 109 x 4 = 436 posts (counting only 28 days) let’s hope we can break our own record of the 1st edition (437 posts)!

They can’t even break 300 posts on a thread that is 1-1/2 months old. We used to create new WFD threads every 4-7 days when on the “old site”. And yet they claim they still are ramping up the numbers of users and posts.

To quote from “Butterflies Are Free” (which is where I first heard this saying) - there are none so blind as those who will not see.

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I gotta way that THIS WFD is much more appealing to me because there’s less chatter. Just saying:)

That may be because a number of folk with whom I used to happily chat with are not posting here. I miss their contribution and the chat with the community. But each to their own of course.

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Perhaps a dumb question, but have you reached out to them and tried to introduce them to the site?

In the mean time if you feel like you need a good chat session feel free to hit me up, I’ll chat with anyone! lol (I’ll also get in a van with strangers if they have vodka, steak or candy)


I believe that they know we exist but I think they are content to play on linguafood’s WFD Facebook group.

That lingua, nothing but trouble with that one! I’m actually a member of her facebook WFD group, I’m surprised at how popular it is for the limited number of members as it has. She has made several mentions to the members about Hungry Onion, I’m surprised more haven’t come over. Why not join the group yourself John?

Getting John on Fb is even more impossible than trying to get my WFDers over here.


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Well this is the first time I’m asking him to join, you know I can be a rather persuasive person. I read “How to win friends and influence people”.

G’luck with that, NotJr.

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I’m trying to up my game here, Harters, but I didn’t cook last night (out with a coworker), won’t do so tonight (leftovers), nor on Friday evening (family gathering). But I’ll post this weekend on Thread #5, I promise. :slight_smile:

Well, thank you, Ms W. Your game-upping efforts most appreciated. :grin:

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Medium Sized H & I will be in Aruba in April. Can you offer a few recommendations for meals? I started this thread and would be very appreciative if you’d contribute to it. Thanks in advance!

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr