What's for Dinner #28 - 12/2017 - The Whatever Holiday Edition

It is a chocolate mocha cake from Firehook Bakery in Washington DC.

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Damn, damn, dayaaaam! I froze my bits off in Churchill at -14C last October.
You don’t live in Nunavut, do ya? I think you are somewhere in Manitoba. The soup will be nice, as will the spring and summer.

Sending some warmth your way!

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I’ve been sick as a dog the last couple of days from inhaling someone’s disgusting perfume. My lungs burnt, cold symptoms and feeling nauseated when riding the metro.

Went to a brew pub far from the city where I also had dinner. Didn’t really have any choice as there are no restaurants in that part of town. The pub is dark as a tomb, only 2 photos of the food turned out barely visible. Brown thing in the foreground is ribs.



Yes, the flavor profile has to be appropriate. I was making an Oktoberfest meal and wanted to use beer for deglazing, but all we had was a grapefruit IPA. Needless to say, it didn’t work. I’ve had good luck with certain vinegars.

Ouch, it sucks not feeling well when travelling. But I see you can drink already, I guess you are getting better! :wink:

Yesterday, I didn’t have much energy cooking as I was gardening the whole day, we had a rare day of 15ºC / 60ºF here without rain. Stuffed mushroom with chorizo, more mushroom, garlic and parmesan. Meat was wild boar marinated with pepper and vanilla. Sided with some bucatini with olive oil, white pepper and a bit of mashed garlic.

I still suffered from old nasty flea bites from my trip, I treated the cat with Advocate spot on, I try to clean everything the cat has touch. Didn’t find droppings of flea, so I don’t understand the new bite.


Thanks! It was actually so cold yesterday with the windchill that the back window on my husband’s car broke.

I grew up in Manitoba but now live further north between Edmonton and Saskatoon.

This deep freeze has hit all the Prairie Provinces.

Leaving for Mexico in 4 days, so we’ll be ok soon!


Gonna be a lame New Year’s Eve, as I am on call for the hospital.

So, no celebratory alcohol, at least for me, but we will have New York Strip with lobster tails and shrimp for dinner. I’m thinking sauteed mushrooms and twice baked potatoes for sides. Perhaps a salad?

Wishing all the HO’s out there a Happy New Year!


Last cooking before i left was my favorite quinoa granola, its very snackable so as it was out cooling everyone who went by would have a nibble.

Yesterday turned into an Epic Day of Travel with flight delays for both my flights. I had early afternoon wine in LAX with an overpriced not very interesting salad from the random wolfgang puck place (note wolfgang: this is CA, have a vegetarian salad that doesn’t suck!)

Snacked on my apple, sugar snap peas and edamame on the plane.
Got home to my apt after midnight nyc time, reheated some lentil taco soup from the freezer while literally doing jumping jacks to stay warm hoping the heat would warm my apt quickly.


Happy new year, everyone!

I was looking for something lighter for dinner and walked right into this. Perfect!

Whilst waiting for my order I made another photo of the steamers in action.

The young dumpling maker is sweet and kind. We communicate using our phones. She wants to ask many questions and we are happy to answer them. My partner’s phone has a Korean dictionary installed so we use that, she uses Google. I mention I like Korean pancakes she hand-draws a little map with direction to a cheap pancake restaurant nearby. The expats in Seoul are absolutely miserable, but my experience in Busan is quite the other way around.

First plate. Half with kimchi in the filling.

It’s really good these Korean dumplings. We keep ordering plate after plate. She puts in the steamer enough for a plate at a time. It takes a minute or so to warm up again.


A nice, quiet day, spent noshing, reading, and catching up on shows on the DVR, AND watching the Patriots dominate the Jets and win a bye for next week AND take home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. Wokka wokka. :wink:

Early-afternoon noshes was a small platter of Manchego, membrillo, Marcona almonds, prosciutto, applewood smoked salame, grapes and clementines. (Yes, I ate it all - it was breakfast AND lunch! LOL)

Dinner was what has become my standard NYE dinner: pan-seared duck breast with a sauce of fresh orange juice, pomegranate juice, gingered sherry, and some grated ginger, reduced and then mounted with some butter, Israeli couscous and steamed asparagus.

Dessert was Lemon Posset with crushed gingersnaps, lemon zest and a TJ’s Triple Gingersnap.


Oh yes. There was wine. :wine_glass: If I don’t stay awake for the ball drop in NYC, I wish a very Happy New Year to all, and hope that 2018 brings better for all of us in so many ways. :heart:


Dinner was the second pizza and a Caesar Salad. I used a Lidia Bastianich salad dressing recipe and i thought it was really good. Nice amount of balance. Not too much about the lemon or the anchovies or the Worcestershire sauce. I didn’t bother with croutons. We were eating a bread for dinner after all.

Today lamb shanks braised in the oven. When done, I pulled the meat from the bone and stashed into the fridge. I will defat before warming for tomorrow’s dinner.

Happy New Year to all my WFD friends. It has been such a pleasure to get to know all of you and the foods that you eat.


Happy New Year everyone! Sadly I am ringing in the new year with a wretched head cold for the third year in a row. My nieces and nephew are adorable but I seem to get sick every time I see them, germy little buggers!

It’s also a million degrees below freezing in Chicago, so the weather plus the head cold dictated comfort food for dinner. We’re staying with my parents this week so my dad helped me make a very hearty pot of chili to go with my mother’s olive cheddar puffs - really hit the spot. Then a slice of my mother’s fabulous fruitcake and some champagne with a Nyquil chaser to ring in 2018!


That granola looks amazing! Can you share the recipe, please :relaxed:?

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Let’s move on to the 2018’s first WFD!!


It IS amazing!! Hahaha. I started with this recipe but honestly have made some changes over the years…
My changes are:

  • i use half oats and half quinoa because i love the puffed fluffy texture of the quinoa and the groats always got too hard for me (like 1 1/2 c oats and quinoa)

  • i mix up the nuts and seeds with whatever is on hand keeping total quantity the same, but i use half salted nuts cuz it’s SO much better with the bit of salt

  • instead of maple syrup i use a small can of sweetened condensed coconut milk (you can use regular) to get more clumpy chunks. With just maple syrup it’s not very clumpy

  • i bake at 300, much longer to get golden, prob for 45 min, then flip and bake anothet 20min, then flip and let cool in the turned off oven to finish drying out

  • sometimes i add black pepper and cinnamon

  • keeps on airtight container a good week, its gone by then. Or it actually freezes well! I have frozen and then refreshed in the oven for like 10min

Note: avoid baking if using dried apricots or figs, they burn!

Hope this helps and you like it as much as i do, it’s vegan with the condensed coconut milk and GF with gf oats, high protein and fiber too!


Wow! Thanks- I can’t say that I’ve seen sweetened condense coconut milk ?

It’s a fairly recent product, i found this same brand at whole foods. Apparently there are also recipes to make your own but i figured out the cost would be nearlythe same as buying it after i bought the ingredients and such. I think it was about $3 or so at whole foods or several websites sell it too but usually in multi packs of six.

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