What's for Dinner #107 - the Almost Sum-Sum-Summertime Edition - June 2024

How nice.

That looks really tasty. But I’m not turning my oven on for the next several weeks thanks to the heat bubble. Noted for later, however…

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What’s your favorite way to cook it? I picked up a small bunch of rainbow chard at my CSA last week; I usually make an African Vegetable Stew with rice, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas, but I’m not feeling that right now with expected 96-100° temps over the next 4-5 days. I know I can sauté it with garlic, but that doesn’t entice either.

I did find this recipe, and this looks good (I just picked up feta this weekend, and I have Mediterranean pine nuts): https://insimoneskitchen.com/swiss-chard-with-feta-and-pine-nuts/#recipe I did laugh at the instructions - starting in a sauté pan and “finish baking until done”. Ummm…


there was some nice halibut at the harbour this week. put in on an avocado mouse with some spanish-ish rice on the side.


I often use it in Spanakopita Filling along with Leeks, Spinach, Cheese, Eggs and Herbs.
When made with Kourou dough rather than Filo it doesn’t get soggy and doesn’t need reheating.
It can also be made with a Yeasted Dough.


Our final meal with my BFF was a lavish brunch at a nearby Russian place. We sent her off & took care of some shopping essentials (that woman can EAT :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:), which involved a scooter trip to the Italian market. Picked up a lovely chunka Taleggio, a wonderfully creamy Cuor di Capra & some San Daniele at the counter, grilled and marinated zukes & eggplant, and went on our merry way. Got home to discover: no cheese. Scooted back with the unopened meat-a package-a and the receipt, where the woman working the counter met us as soon as we walked in, apologizing profusely for never having given us the cheese. She offered us a couple of coffees on the house, which we gladly accepted – we were going to have coffee when we got home the first time anyway :grin:. We chose a wonderfully light, not too sweet ricotta tart with sour cherry & pistachio from their dessert case bc pistachio. She knocked a Euro off the cake as well. We’re gonna miss that store…

Dinner was Abendbrot with the last nub of the sourdough loaf, some of the aforementioned formaggi plus what was left of our stash,


smoked salmon & horseradish

& the grilled & marinated veg.

Too lazy to make a salad again today — despite having bought more mâche, maters & cukes :smiley:


Leftover grilled pork and vegetables from last night with a simple rocket salad dressed in lemon/anchovy vinaigrette and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano.


It is the hottest day of the summer and here I am having a decidedly fall meal,. Pork chop, acorn squash, asparagus.


We had some vacuum sealed chunks of Boston butt in the freezer that we slow-cooked on the Big Green Egg late last fall. As I recall, we bought a 10 lb. piece of it for .69/lb. I put what was left in our smaller crockpot this morning with a bottle of Stonewall Kitchen’s honey BBQ sauce and it’s finally shredded and tender. We’re having it on grilled bulky rolls with coleslaw and corn on the cob. The corn was on sale 4 ears for $1.00 at Stop & Shop. It’s butter sugar corn, and I found 4 nice fresh ears. If it is as good as it looks, I’m going back for more tomorrow!


I persevered with an oven braised squid dish despite our 90°F + temps, because that’s what I had planned, darn it. So, I present Calamares y Calabacitas en Mole Rojo. With corn tortillas. Because Tuesday.

The lid on the mole I pulled from the freezer said “red mole (no peanuts), May 15 2020”. Might have been an adapted Bayless recipe. But it was from deep in the throes of lockdown, whatever the recipe was. Held up fine! I sauteed some zucchini and then removed it to a plate. I add the cut up squid and fried it in the oil for a couple minutes. Then added the 2 cups of thawed mole. Once everything was incorporated, I covered the pot and put it in a 275°F oven for an hour, stirring occasionally. The cooked zucchini were stirred in at the end. End result was tasty, if messy in tortillas!


Not a lot of food in the house. There was broccoli! Who doesn’t love broccoli. With lemon, butter and herb sauce. And I took a little walk to Aquabest for some steamed clams.


Leftover scallion-roast chicken with penne, garden peas, mushrooms, and more scallions, in cream sauce. Good stuff!


Birria-ish tacos, esquites, margarita. It’s Tuesday.


I made ribs! Dry rubbed and baked very low last night, then chilled down overnight. Tonight I grilled them and finished with bbq sauce.

To go with, some broccoli from our first CSA haul of the season, and some cole slaw.

Summer :slight_smile:


My family uses a salad spinner to make sure the spinach is completely dry, to prevent a soggy bottom layer of filo. Also, we add some eggs to the filling along with the feta, onions, greens and dill.

My friend’s mother doesn’t use a salad spinner. She adds some rice to her filling to soak up any liquid from the spinach.

Here she is.


Today I made some mafaldine pasta which came out a little weird in that the edges were not fluted like they should be. Maybe I have to increase the hydration. I cooked some for dinner tonight with a Sicilian sauce that had anchovies, tomato paste, bread crumbs, onion, garlic, raisins, and pine nuts. I followed this recipe:



Also stir it into lots of pastas after sauteing.


They look pretty darn amazing to me!!




Petrale sole piccata with mushrooms. Asparagus.