What's for Dinner #107 - the Almost Sum-Sum-Summertime Edition - June 2024

We mostly frequent Sichuan restaurants where these aren’t a thing, but plenty of CA restaurants serve them :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I think we haven’t order for quite some time from places with an americanized menu and you might be right that those places are more likely to have these


They were common in the NYC area, served while you order like chips and dip at Mexican restaurants. With little bowls of incredibly pungent Chinese mustard.

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Tonight’s dinner was bbq’d chicken and mac 'n cheese from last week’s ribfest and asparagus from my CSA.


A quiet day on a beautiful day.
I really needed the slow, relaxed start.
I also needed something special for tonight.

Went with a D’Artagnan duck breast with blackberry sauce (because I haven’t been to Dali for awhile), Israeli couscous, and steamed green beans.

Was there wine? C’mon… :grin:


Carnitas rice bowl, first time making this fantastic recipe:


Can’t wait for @John pizza pics!!

It’s Saturday!!


With SOTD in mind, Cajun chicken Caesar salad.

NYT’s blackened chicken (gift link) served over garden romaine with Caesar dressing and homemade French bread croutons.

I cooked the well-seasoned chicken over open flame on the BGE, no skillet. The heat of the chicken went great with the coolness of the Caesar salad.


We enjoyed another excellent dinner at Drew’s Bayshore Bistro, including BBQ shrimp and grits, strawberry bruschetta, octopus tostada, escargot with Benton’s country ham and gorgonzola cheese, pork chop with vinegar, hot peppers, and cheese; Cajun jalapeño and garlic meatballs; fantastic seafood bouillabaisse. It all went great with a couple of excellent cabernets.


Just a simple dinner tonight. Hamburger Steak with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans.


Yam leaves from the garden (blanched and tossed with some yuzu and garlic, salt and white pepper to taste

Mackerel (air fried)


Fish chowder from the freezer. It was ok.


A dinner that came together in stages.

Arugula and carrot salad with Japanese carrot-ginger dressing.

A tiny serving of my brown butter scallop sushi obsession, in chirashi form.

And then (significantly) doctored leftover vegetable Thai green curry with salmon added.


Pizza Saturday. What i like is i show you all the mishaps on my pizza journey . Along with the second try .
First one came off the peel wrong . To thin in the middle. I knew it

so just pulled it . It was still tasty to munch on…
I had another dough ball ready . The crust was dry .
Topped with ,castelventrano olives , capers , sun

gold cherry tomatoes with garlic , and Agostino Recca anchovies. Cheers
Next week upping the hydration .5%…hydration . Lowering the yeast by .55 grams


Lamb ragu with fettuccine from the That Noodle Life book - bone-in lamb shoulder chops are braised in a sauce made from pancetta, onion, carrot, celery, tomato paste, white wine and beef broth and afterwards shredded before mixing with the pasta, peas and mint. Finished with some parmesan


That duck breast is PURRRRRRR-fection, ma’am :heart_eyes:

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I was eyeing that recipe myself, but was hesitant to add it to my recipe box, which is like flying economy class: mostly chicken or pasta recipes :rofl:


I liked it quite a bit as a component of the salad and will probably make the whole she-bang again.

I failed to mention I brined the breasts for about 20 minutes before cooking to help prevent them from drying out.

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That sounds delicious.

So far I’ve been escaping the Big Bad C, although — come to think of it that should prolly be the Medium Bad C :wink: — save for a few sniffles. My PIC felt slightly better today, so we scooted to the street food market near us for a shared banh mi for lunch, with a delightful slice of funghi π being our second course – gotta get those kilometers done :wink:

Weather was spectacular, so we had sunset beers at the same beer garden we went to yesterday. Dinner involved quick-blanching some broccolini, stir-frying them along with TPSTOG & 3 chopped up bird peppers, then finishing them off in the wonderfully gelatinous beef broth we had left over from our noodle dinner Friday night.

The noodz themselves didn’t take super-well to being nuked… but it was an easy meal to put together, and everything was sufficiently spicy :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper:

Nice to have a whole order of smashed cukes left, too. House of The Dragon Breath tonight @casa lingua :garlic: