What's For Dinner #106 - the Sneezles & Wheezles Season Edition - May 2024

Mostly a scrounge meal tonight, of albondigas soup, bean enchiladas, salad and roasted sweet potatoes.
I made a quick dessert of Bird’s custard (a custard powder to which you add sugar and milk, then bring to a boil or microwave), topped with sweetened apples, with cinnamon and a squeeze of lemon, fried in butter.


Thank you so much for the recipe. That sounds delicious. I bet it would make a great Rosh Hashanah dinner.

I’ve brought it to a number of Passover Dinners to good reviews.
But it is great anytime.


My two have similar leopard-print blankies


Funny you should say that. I googled the recipe to save and almost all of them called Passover chicken.

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We enjoyed another excellent dinner at Drew’s Bayshore Bistro in Keyport, NJ, including a crispy crackling skinned pork belly, broiled oysters, BBQ shrimp, crab cakes, mushroom cavatelli with a ramp pest sauce, escargot with Benton’s ham and gorgonzola cheese, Cajun jalapeno and garlic meatballs. It all went great with an excellent Chateauneuf Du Pape and Zinfandel.


A perfect, windless evening for low and slow grilling. Apple-wood smoked tri-tip on the Big Green Egg. Caesar salad with garden romaine, homemade dressing (with anchovies), and warm, garlicky croutons.


That is how I found the Recipe in the first place. :grin:

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We had a major fail for dinner tonight. I am so bummed. A new recipe from somewhere online that sucked me in for a chicken Florentine lasagna with Alfredo sauce - or something along those lines. Lots of time and a considerable bit of money for the ingredients and I don’t care if I ever see the rest of it again. And if I see it, I won’t eat it. Sadly filled a 9 x 13 baking dish so there is a lot leftover. We don’t screw up too often but I am completely pissed off about it.


What didn’t you like about it ?

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It all started with some lasagna noodles I had in the pantry. https://www.stonewallkitchen.com/dw/image/v2/BGFW_PRD/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-swk-catalog/default/dw579ee0d0/images/321625.jpg?sw=1000&sh=1000&sm=fit

The layering of flavors beginning with the chicken, the béchamel sauce, the ricotta - everything was so bland and the no-boil noodles were a total fail. During the whole process I kept telling myself it was going to suck, and I was right.

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Happens to the best of us!


This was the blankie in Finny’s cage when I picked him up, and they gave it to me as a “familiar scent” for his ride home. I laid it on the couch for his first night, and there it remains. It gets tossed into the dryer on occasion to pull off the cat hair, but otherwise, 7 years later… :cat::slightly_smiling_face:


You know - what bothers me the most is I didn’t listen to my instinct that told me it wasn’t a good thing. I just had a craving for what it promised.


Sorry it was a flavor fail after all the effort.

One possibility is to see if you can fix a portion with tomato sauce, and turn it into pink pasta.


Shrimp and corn chowder, with bay scallops, red pepper, and arugula. I thought arugula would make a good substitute for spinach or kale, and it almost worked out.

Adapted from this NY Times recipe (gift link)


Ethiopian tonight.

Don’t even bother asking me what they are. Except that they were all damn tasty.

And I just rediscovered my love for inerja. Like true love.


Weekend of friend-therapy and eating.

Thin crust sausage and broccoli rabe pizza
Beet and fried goat cheese salad
Roasted chicken with potato purée
Fried chicken with a biscuit and mashed potato
Short rib with potato purée and roasted carrots

Lobster roll
Lobster bisque

Tuna tartare tacos
Anchovy pinxtos

Crab cake
Clam chowder
Wedge salad
Mussels in thai red curry

The lobster roll and crab cake have set the bar for the summer.


Pizza Saturday. Yay !!! . I have been waiting since November to turn the heater off. Its not 48 degrees out its 78 . Loving it . Plus was out on the local lake today with my fishing guide buddy. Caught and released some nice trout with shoulders.
Oven fired up .
Pizza. 65 % hydration. Tomato , Pecorino Toscano , basil ,mozzarella. After finished cooking. A little prosciutto added. Cheers.
Out of the oven . It was very good But !!!
Next Saturday. Going to use 59 % hydration. Loving this Pizza engineering. 6700 foot elevation.


Dang, my buddy just sent me this pic of his lunch from Naples a few hours ago. Almost a twin to yours, 'ceptin the fixin’s.