What's For Dinner #106 - the Sneezles & Wheezles Season Edition - May 2024

This rivals the NJ HO reporters.


Wow! There it is!


Thank you so much for posting this. Just put a small one-serving on my grocery list to try it. Will remove it immediately after reading this. Again thank you.

Dinner at Tossakan, a Thai place in our nabe we discovered last year (kinda blown away I didn’t make a separate post about it, but I will now :joy:). A dream for any spice masochist, a nightmare for anyone who can’t handle the heat :smiley:

But srsly, the options for spicy dishes are: spicy, very spicy, and Thai spicy. We ordered the latter last year & almost died, and we have a very high tolerance for heat.

Tonight we thought we were being smart by ordering ‘just’ spicy – but to no avail. While the
fantastic tod mun pla were on the milder side, the vinegar/cuke/chili mix caught up on us.


The fried pork belly (muh grob) with crisp garlic and a wonderfully green, spicy seafood dipping sauce was unctuous, rich & tender.


The most unusual and interesting dish we had, however, and one I’ve never seen in Thailand or Thai restaurants anywhere else was miang kham: 4 pepper leaf wraps with ginger, peanuts, lime, chili, coconut and tamarind sauce. It was beautifully presented in 4 shot glasses,

and felt like a nice, comforting pillow after the abuse our taste buds had suffered from the nua nam tok (beef salad), which was particularly fiery – our moist scalps and eyebrows providing tangible proof of the amount of chilis used… not that you could see any in the dish, save for the seeds. Oh, so so many seeds :hot_face:

Thank goodness for two orders of sticky rice & ample amounts of Bavarian Helles. Let’s not think about tomorrow just yet :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Bought some frozen mahi mahi for a change of pace, 4 4oz pieces for $12. Decent quality, obviously not as good as fresh but I’ll do in a pinch. Whipped up a quick puttanesca-ish sauce and paired it with a side salad. Not too shabby.

That’s a nice appetizer, often includes also dried shrimps

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Shrimp, corn, and scarlet runner beans in a red chile sauce, over brown jasmine rice. Happy Cinco de Mayo to those who are celebrating!


You could definitely taste the pungent shrimp (dried? paste?). Really fab.

Lamb Tagine with leftover lamb from Easter. Used a recipe from the NYT which is also posted on Delish. I didn’t brown the lamb since it was already cooked, I bloomed the saffron, and I cut back the chicken stock to 2 cups, based on amount of cut up lamb I had. But otherwise I followed the recipe, tipping the lid off the Dutch oven for the last 45 minutes to help thicken the sauce.

I served on Bechtel’s mini lasagna noodles instead of egg noodles or couscous, and had Moroccan-Spiced Roasted Carrots, subbing honey for the sugar, and adding ground ginger.

There was wine.


I haven’t had Rao’s lasagna but the Rana ones I’ve tried have been pretty good. They aren’t frozen.

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Sweet and spicy lemon chicken salad with garden romaine. Toasted garlicky baguette.

Based on this NYT recipe (gift link), but tonight I omitted the oregano and added a tablespoon+ of honey to the dressing. I think I like this new version better than the original.


Mrs. P made a delicious blackened shrimp salad with a Cajun dry rub, over a bed of arugula, with roasted delicata squash and mini peppers, sauteed red onions, topped with a reduced balsamic vinegar dressing, and fresh shaved parmigiano reggiano cheese. It went great with an excellent red blend.


Looks like I posted in last month’s, and despite @LindaWhit 's best efforts, my post didn’t make it over here. so here it is again (if i’m not seeing it and this is a repeat, can mods please delete the first one, as I’ve also added tonight’s dinner to this one… thanks!)

starting with Friday night, which is apparently now Tofu Fridays, had more of the stuff over brown rice, with added zukes and spinach to use up veggies. i’m not sick of this gingery/garlic sauce yet.

then at my sister’s Saturday night, another repeat - halibut again, but this time seasoned just with salt, sesame oil, and rubbed with a little Kewpie mayo, then pan seared. Over Philippine-style super garlicky/gingery cilantro rice, and baby bok choy sauteed with garlic, a drizzle of Bachan Japanese BBQ sauce and lemon juice. We loved the rice, and that feesh is just lovely no matter what you do to it.

and tonight for the BF and I, I made fresh pesto (added a bit of red pepper flakes for a little kick) and served with cheese ravioli (not sure of the brand name, from a local Italian deli), and cut cherry tomatoes i sauteed over grated fresh parm regg until crispy/gooey. Very rich and delish.


Happy Easter to everyone celebrating.
We had roast lamb, assorted veg, potatoes, and some slices of a rhubarb crumb cake from Emmer Bakery.


Lau Oc Viet Seafood Restaurant

5555 Sky Pkway Ste 243
Sacramento, CA 95823

Quail, 2 kinds of clams, sweet & sour snapper soup.


Turkish inspired dinner with borek - phyllo dough filled with spinach, onion and feta. Topped with a mixture of egg, oil and milk and some sesame and nigella seeds.


Happy Easter! Meal looks delicious!


Dinner was a Greek Easter celebration at a dear friend’s family’s home, complete with a spit-roasted lamb. (Blurring some of the lamb pics for any delicate sensibilities.)

To accompany the perfectly cooked and seasoned lamb, there was spinach pie, roasted lemon potatoes, baked pasta (like a ridiculously rich & delicious mac & cheese), tzatziki, and a big salad.

For dessert, homemade baklava (that I thought was purchased, it looked so professional), cookies (ditto), and an assortment of little Italian cakes and cookies that guests brought from a bakery near them.

I’ve spent the holiday with them before, and it’s always a fun and warm gathering, aside from the fantastic (and plentiful) food.



Looks amazing.