What's For Dinner #105 - the Start Your Gardens! Edition - April 2024

Ohhh, I love sorrel but can never find it at my supermarkets or the local nursery. Hmmm…maybe I’ll ask and see if they can order some from their vendor.

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It’s very easy to grow. Mine has also overwintered.


I put three in a container for the 2021 summer season. Now I have one huge and vigorous never-say-die plant.


My two monsters are catnip and aloe. And I can’t eat either one.

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Thanks. It has been a while since I felt my chops were this good. Not like in the restaurant days. But the muscle memory is back to a large extent.

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My kitties are quite addicted to dry but we want to grow a container and see if they like home grown.

Almost 70* here today. Sunny and breezy. Sorry! Chicken Fried Steak with cream gravy. Glazed carrots. Mashed potatoes for him and a bowl of black eyed peas for me that I made yesterday. Not very photogenic but I do love my BEP’s.


Epicurious’ pork and asparagus stir-fry. A seasonal favorite with garden veg.

Also, our first time trying Bibigo Mandu Bulgogi Chicken Dumplings from the grocery. While homemade is better, you can’t beat the convenience of store-bought. We both thought they were acceptable as pinch-hitter.

Served with long-grain rice, and homemade chile crisp.


I made a dish which used to be one of my late mother’s favorites…noodles and cheese. She ALWAYS made it with farmer’s cheese…something which is not always easy to find…and tends to be expensive to boot. Although I was able to find some, the price on it wasn’t listed and I wasn’t able to ask anyone in the store.

I looked up what would be similar and the Mexican cheese, “queso fresco” (it’s salted while farmer’s cheese isn’t) was recommended. I got some at a Hispanic market for a VERY reasonable $3.99 a pound.

I based the dish on this recipe which uses cottage cheese.

If I could find large curd cottage cheese, I would have bought some, but that isn’t very common. I also didn’t add any salt because the cheese is salted. I also replaced the sour cream with Greek yogurt (which I prefer and often do).

A problem arose when I opened the package of what was labeled as “wide egg noodles” turned out to be fusilli when I opened it! I wasn’t about to go out and buy a new package. Surprisingly, it came out VERY well…even my extremely picky sister liked it!


Catfish and asparagus “pie”, topped with mashed potatoes.


I like the idea of this. Is there a recipe?

No recipe, but this was my inspiration:

For this batch, I made a white sauce/bechamel and mixed it with the fish and asparagus before topping with the mashed potatoes. I was hoping the sauce would thicken more than it did, but it was great just the same.


Just book marked this recipe for when the asparagus comes in at the end of the month!

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Liquid from the Fish likely thinned/broke your Sauce


I forgot to mention that to add some flavor, I fried a chopped-up bacon slice, and added a little more bacon fat to make the the roux that made the white sauce. And diced shrimp was mixed in with the catfish and asparagus. Endless improvisation, in my kitchen!



My PIC has had a lousy run of sleepless nights, the poor guy – coughing & sneezing and overall feeling like crap. If we have the same cold, I sure lucked out by getting the mildest possible version of it. Yikes!

And so, he’s content with more of the Tuscan soup while I was craving a nice fresh salad… it’s been at least 36 hours without one :grin:

Made a creamy garlic herb dressing today with that luscious Canadian sour cream :heart_eyes:


Had planned on chicken stroganoff for dinner tonight but the mushrooms had turned slimy.


Opened the fridge and OJ and blood orange jam jumped out at me. Made a sauce/glaze of both of them with balsamic vinegar, lots of freshly grated ginger, some minced garlic, sesame oil, and Aleppo pepper and poured it over a large b/s chicken breast and baked in the oven for about 40 minutes, basting several times.

Basmati rice and steamed green beans alongside with a glass of wine.


Nice “save!”


Greekish dinner redux. After tonight’s feast on leftovers, there is still some remaining lamb. I’m thinking hash for breakfast one day this week…