What's are some of your favorite coffee roasters out there? Decaf?

I’m a Seattle dweller looking for some good coffee. I like drinking both decaf (using the decaf pouch) and regular coffee. I prefer medium to darker roasts. What are some of your go-to coffees/recommendations?

Our best local coffee.
Not sure whether they make it up to your neck of the woods in a retail setting.

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George Howell coffee…sublime! If you are in the Boston area you can get coffee at one of his shops. If not, you can order by mail. They roast the beans you order right before they ship them.


We really like our local 10 Speed Coffee. Beans are roasted upstairs and brought down for always fresh coffee. We also buy their Kickstarter beans for our home espresso. We don’t drink decaf.

10 Speed Coffee

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I have two local East Bay favorites: Airborne Roasting and 3-19 Coffee (though the latter does have a storefront in SF).


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