What to use after plastic straw ban?


I participate in the very new yorker version of recycling. It goes to the curb with a sign taped to it “Free!! It works!!” Or “Free! It’s broken!”
Never been there more than a few hours. Anything smaller than say a microwave is generally an apple product that i bring in for a discount on the new ridiculous thing I’m buying to replace it



Only in America. A few years ago in North Beach, San Francisco. Down the street from our apartment, some one left out a cherry looking 40” Sony Trinitron. A sign marked “FREE” taped to it.

It sat on the sidewalk unclaimed for the better part of a week. Finally, someone posted another note: GOT A FLAT PANEL???

Still cracks me up to this day.



Read an article that in France, the high end bars and restaurants have a preference towards “la Perche”, the straw is made of organic rye stalk…, actually it is really a straw. 1 or 2 centuries ago, ancestors drank with these…



Best Buy will recycle electronics/appliances.

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Chem- is this for real or is it parody? I have a hard time telling any more


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I think it is real. It is also mentioned in National Geographic
"Microplastics make up 94 percent of an estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic in the patch. But that only amounts to eight percent of the total tonnage. As it turns out, of the 79,000 metric tons of plastic in the patch, most of it is abandoned fishing gear—not plastic bottles or packaging drawing headlines today. "

Here is the literature source from Nature:
“Over three-quarters of the GPGP mass was carried by debris larger than 5 cm and at least 46% was comprised of fishing nets.”



I live in Texas.

If you want straws, just pm me and we’ll work something out.

Sheesh. It ain’t rocket surgery.

Or you could just vote the idiots out of office. :wink:



Red Vines not Twizzlers :slight_smile:image




Ong Choy (water Spinach).

  • pic from web.


Lol, and the alternative Chinese name is Tung Sum Choy in Cantonese, which means hollow-heart vegetable, so that would make sense. Exempt that stuff states to go bad quickly; you’ll need to refresh your supply every 2-3 days.

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