What to eat in and bring back from Portugal! ( Porto, Douro Valley, Lisbon, Petiscos)


Yes, I can find it where I live, but some of the places I travel seem to have such amazing choices.

In Barcelona; the one that got away!


Finally found a a bifana.


And sardines!


Also fruit preserves.

And wine!


Somehow I didn’t quite put the pieces together and missed the gist of this thread. So sorry, @shrinkrap!

Ideas for what to bring back? In addition to tinned fish and port—which I believe you have well-covered— I have enjoyed these items from Lisbon:

Sea salt. Packable and light, local salt is a favorite culinary souvenir of mine. I ran across a brand called Sal Marim that I liked.

Chocolate. I think you already found good stuff in this category, too! My husband enjoyed the selection from Chocolateria Equador.

Table linens and kitchen towels. The shop Paris em Lisboa is like stepping back in time. Table cloths and kitchen towels made in Portugal are available here.

I bought cotton jacquard kitchen towels by the brand Fateba that served us well for about 10 years! At holidays we still use a white damask tablecloth and napkins that I originally purchased for my mom decades ago—no brand, just “made in Portugal.”

My second visit to Paris em Lisboa was two years ago, and I noticed much more non-Portuguese stock but the shop still carried domestic products at that time.

Bordallo Pinhiero ceramics. I’m not a fan of everything though could not resist this fanciful dish that I use to corral my rings and various small items when I’m working in the kitchen. This item I bought secondhand at a street market for a few Euros, but you can see much more as well as sleek, modern items in the shops.

ETA: I think that Vista Alegre May be a sister brand (?) and that’s the line that offers more modern-looking items.


So helpful, thanks!

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Did you come across this pastry shop?

My lodging is on the same road, just a few minutes walking. I had coffee and pastries there several times. They have many Portuguese classics there and the interior is nice.

There’s a fantastic delicatessen at the corner of a busy intersection just before the pastry shop. Love Porto. Especially port tastings at various wineries and great food options. I miss Frango Assado specialists like in Porto and Lisbon. They all have a big glowing pit full of rotating chickens over charcoals by the entrance to tempt you.

I have not seen that yet, nor been to the confetitaria, but I’ll be looking.
Next stop Lisbon!

Awesome! Makes me feel lazy. I can’t even pull it together to go the beach. :relaxed:

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The other night we got charged for some bread x 5, apparently because there were five of us at the table, although only two of us touched it.

I don’t remember the restaurant name so I looked up restaurant listing near my lodging and found this:

It’s the one, and IIRC there are 2 such places in the neighbourhood. It’s always full so best avoid peak meal times. Besides roast chickens they also have other Portuguese classics. This was the reason I went there several times.

In Lisbon I remember eating roast chicken at this place in the neighbourhood of my lodging. There are more but I no longer remember their names. Look up frango assado.

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I told ya. Once you touch it you are charged for the entire party.


Dead center is a picture of the “couvert”.

This evening we went to The Wine Box for the second time for “tapas”.


Very nice!

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First stop in Lisbon! Portuguese Chardonnay and “meat croquettes” at the Pestana Pousada Lisbon.

We have another tour soon, and I’m reading petiscos might be food and not a place!


Some Lisbon petiscos, and other classics.


Sintra and Cascais…I’m loving this country!


Casçais is an extraordinary port town …


We visit Lisbon yearly, & Casçais and Porto …

Looks like you had a marvelous trip …