What the hack happened? .....Is my basement haunted?!

Whilst transferring some wine from my basement to a new wine storage cooler, I noticed this ’ lying sideways ’ bottle of 2003 J.J.Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese has its cork popped halfway out ( but with no sign of puncture hole from opener and even more strange, no sign of the top wrapping? )
I subsequently pour some of the wine out and take a look. The nose

was fine, the colour was OK and the taste was perfectly balanced, smooth, sweet and unctuous!


Who cares. Enjoy that gorgeous bottle of my favorite grape :slight_smile:


Temperature changes or secondary fermentation might have caused air/gas to push and move cork. Any trace of fizz? If not, more likely former than latter? Seeping liquid after cork started to move could have attracted mouse to gnaw at capsule? Big hint is wine color.


This is what happened. Normal. Or at least not paranormal.

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I was thinking that, I see bubbles tho.

If it was paranormal they have excellent taste and were letting you know this bottle is ready for you


My father used to make homemade wine and one batch did this. Wine was still great and quite enjoyable.

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This Happened on the old 1966 Batman Show. The Riddler during his second appearance caused a cellar full of wine to uncork, (A Riddle A Day Keeps The Riddler Away.)

When I was on the Chowhound Board I had a tendency to refer to scenes from old Tv Shows(Older SNL, Batman, Gomer Pyle.)


That’s the bottle telling you it’s waited 20 years and is ready to drink :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is my uncle’s favorite grape, too. I bet it kicked your ass when you tasted it.

In 1989 a friend of mine got a line on some amazing grapes and we made a five gallon batch one day. Both of us forgot all about it, until one day, when he was in the process of moving (some 7 years after we made it) he saw it in the corner where we’d set to ferment. The bubbler (fermentation lock) appeared to have gone dry, so we thought it would be gone.

I had to fight back a tear when I first tried it. Best batch of wine I was ever in on.