What tea do you enjoy?

For tea drinkers out there, is there a type of tea which you enjoy the most?


Tea is such an underrated drink!

Milky oolong. Formosa grand oolong. Darjeeling. Jasmine. Earl grey. Lapsang souchong.

I buy my tea here: https://www.betjemanandbarton.com/en/160-teas


Thanks for sharing. Definitely i will respond more after i get home.

Thanks for your reply. Good to hear about your tea preference. I enjoy a wide range of tea and my preference change over time. Let me name a few for now:

  1. Raw Pu Erh: I can further split Raw Pu Erh in more subcategories, but it is a large umbrella of tea which I always enjoy. Initially, I love Bulang region tea (like Lao Bao Zhang), but lately I hop between Bulang and Yiwu
  2. Sencha and Gyokuro

I also enjoy Taiwanese Oolong. In particularly, I lean toward the lightly roasted/fresh scent Oolong. Of course, one of my favorites: Oriental Beauty / Eastern Beauty.


I was raised drinking tea. I dont drink coffee. I dont drink sodas. I love fruit juices but start the day and go through the day with tea.
I have been all around the world and had their tea.
At home, my comfort tea is simple…freakin Liptons black tea. I drink it iced all year round, and drink it hot in the winter. I guess it’s just the familiarity of it…I was probably weaned on it.
Other tea delights… I like Thai Iced Tea… I was having lunch in Bangkok at the Oriental Hotel, that grand old dame of a hotel on the Chao Praya river in Bangkok, and fell in love with the tea. I asked the waiter for the brand, and he after some translation, I was told it was “Three Goats” brand, and was given a label form the container. I was determined to buy some as I loved the tea. So one of my travel buddies and I embarked on a trip around the supermarkets, markets, and tea shops of Bangkok. We literally went from one end of the city to another, using the sky train, and walking through markets looking for this tea. No joy… In the late, hot, Bangkok afternoon we were walking from the Sky Train station back to the hotel along a city street, along the shops near the hotel…and there it was…a small shop, with floor to ceiling cans of Three Goats tea. After an all day “snipe hunt” through Bangkok, here was the tea, in massive cans, about a block from the hotel. This elusive “Three Goats” tea…was about $1 a can the size of a large coffee can. We laughed our head off at our own folly of chasing this elusive tea all over the city, and here it was, cheap, and a block away from the hotel.
So my taste in teas tends to run towards the more common teas…
More luxury teas…I like the Mariage Freres teas from France, specifically the Bourbon blend. I keep a can of it for a treat.
That’s my tea story, and I am sticking to it!


Rooibos, from South Africa—it’s as common there as black tea, and offered everywhere. Caffeine and I are not friends, so I never drink anything caffeinated; many years ago rooibos became my morning hot beverage. I learned to love it in my dozens of work trips to South Africa, which is also the home of one of my other favorite beverages, Appletizer. (It’s just carbonated apple juice, and so delicious! Why don’t they have it here???)


Great story re Bangkok.

I only drink four drinks: 1) water, 2) tea, 3) espresso, 4) alcohol! I don’t drink sodas either only when it is to top up some rum or gin… :slight_smile:

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If you’re based in the US, African Hut is a great source of all things South African. My wife is from SA and loves Appletizer, and they usually have Appletizer (and sometimes Grapetizer).

Thanks! If I lived close enough to shop there, I’d buy some (shipping cans of soda…yikes!) I do love that stuff though.

I drink 6 drinks:
Tea ( mostly Earl Grey, English Breakfast or Masala Chai)
Passionfruit juice (I’m addicted to a brand called Polar Real Tropical Fruit in Canada, which is sold at Eataly in Toronto- I haven’t found another source yet)
Cocktails (usually whiskey sours, Manhattans, Tom Collins or daiquiris)

If I lived in Switzerland, Austria or Germany, my 7th drink would be blackcurrant nectar with sparkling water (Johannisbeerschorle)

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No water?

Not really, more tea than water.

I drink black teas - my favorite right now is a good Earl Grey. Though an Irish Breakfast can start the day right sometimes.
Oolong has so many varieties and so many purposes. I always have two or three to choose from. Usually an Iron Goddess (tieguanyin), and a “milkier” style.
Mr. likes white and green tea better, so we have those regularly. And we have some lovely blossom teas that we peel out on special occasions.


From green tea to white tea, I’m a big fan of all types of tea. One of my favorites is matcha tea because it has lots of health benefits like providing antioxidants and helping lower cholesterol levels.

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