What song would you choose to learn to play and sing on the guitar?

Sometimes in the car while listening to a great tune, I imagine I’m singing and playing that song. People with no singing or instrument ability, if you could choose to play and sing any song with a guitar, what would it be?

If 6 was 9

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Almost cut my hair . CSNY

Police & Thieves - The Clash

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Depends what kind of music you’d like to be able to play. When I was learning, House of the Rising Sun was pretty good. A really basic blues progression of E7, A7, and B7 is pretty good, too.

Yup, great beginner tune. I taught myself guitar in my early teens, wanting to play it at the campfire. My repertoire consisted of Joan Baez, Cat Stevens, and Simon & Garfunkel… and also House of the Rising Sun :slight_smile:

My guitar playing was never great, but I wish I were better at it.

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Yeah, but you are a (semi) professional singer.

And you’re not too bad. LOL. I’ve watched the vid. 99 Red Balloons in its original German is a killer rendition.

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Ahem. Professional, please. One of several professions, that is :wink:

My guitar playing is abysmal. I’d post a link to a more recent show, but I know yer not on the book of faces, so I don’t think it would work.

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Apologies, of course

None necessary :wink:

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I’ll Play The Blues For You, and since this is make believe, I’d be fantastic on my vintage Fender Stratocaster.
I had a guitar once. An ex played and he bought me one so he could teach me play backup for him. It didn’t last long, the guitar playing.

Can you make us a you tube video? I remember back in the ch days I had a link to one of your performances, I was impressed.

My band unfortunately only has a youtube channel with our CD (audio), but you can find several live performances if you search for Natascha & The Spy Boys :slight_smile:

This link here is to a Facebook page, but it’s a full set. Lemme know if it works!


Very, very fine. Solid band, too.

Thank you! We’re starting to hit our groove…

Oh how wonderful, thank you. I love songs I know the words to and can sing along. I only watched four sets. The rest needs to be enjoyed latter this afternoon with a cocktail.


all such is usually based on what one heard when in one’s “years”
for me - folk music on a twelve string guitar was an epiphany.
in high school there was a dude that made all twelve strings sing like . . .

the Beatles “Ticket to Ride” methinks is one of the best guitar supported songs.
but . . . is it the song? is it the rhythm? is it the beat?
certain things strike certain feelings in certain peoples . . . and it’s not a “everyone” thing…

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Damn, you hit my sweet spot there. I’m a major Clash fan. Just listened to Guns of Brixton on my way to work.

Ok . Yes .close to the edge . Or Pat Metheny. Last train home.

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Classical Gas and Shine On You Crazy Diamond