What’s the furthest you driven to get a Scone

After a lifetime of working & living in NYC about 15 years ago I moved to the NJ . This is not a bagel discussion
I fell in love with Scones after realizing my beloved breakfast companion didn’t have an equal in NJ
The Scones I absolutely devour are at bakery 23.2 miles from my home.
Yes there are definitely closer places but even during the pandemic I was still going at least 2x a week.
Am I crazy or just obsessed?
Psychoanalysis is for a different group.
Do you have a food obsession with a double digit commute?

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If I really want a scone (which is rare) I’ll go to the Starbucks inside the local Safeway (3.8 miles).

But since the pandemic, and considering the price of gas now, I rarely do the commutes I used to, and just cook what I want to eat.

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I used to walk 2 hours out of my way for a Mexican restaurant I liked.

These days, I often pinpoint brunches, sandwiches or pastries I want to try, and turn it into a 3 or 4 hour walk.

I bring bagels home from Montreal on the train. Black and white cookies from Manhattan.

I don’t really drive out of my way for any specific foods these days.

I also bring coffee, bread and granola home from recommended bakeries when I travel. I’ve walked an hour out of my way to check out the Malaysian iced coffee at Kopitiam in NYC.

I made a 45 minute detour from the freeway to bring home take-out Danish food last spring.


Windsor, UK. We drove to LAX from Anaheim.