What’s the best Peking duck in the 5 boroughs?

Looking for opinions on where i can find the best Peking duck in NYC?

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Where have you been and what versions do you like?

One of the best was Decoy but I don’t know if they are going to reopen after the fire. Tried to make a reservation this summer and when I spoke to them they didn’t have a timeline. I like Pinch a lot but if you want to get tableside carving, not the place to go. The pancakes are tissue thin. Almost too thin. Very hip setting. The jajiang noodles that come with the duck are also really good. For more old school I like Hwa Yuan. Upstairs downing room is good for groups. I avoid Pecking Duck House these day. Used to be reliable but its gone down hill. Flabby skin and the fat isn’t fully rendered.

We had a superb Peking duck at Hutong, in Midtown. It’s carved tableside and served in two stages.

Photos of the meal on my Flickr: Hutong | Flickr


the best we’ve had in the last couple of years was hwa yuan. i was told by someone who had a chinatown restaurant business that a lot of roast duck was sourced from new kam man, not sure if it’s the same for peking duck.

as @BKeats mentioned, peking duck house was reliably good but not as good as the duck we had at hwa yuan. i didnt love their other dishes. It’s still a good place for a wine tasting as there’s no corkage fee. i was there once and one table had around $30k of wine, i asked in a wine geeky way about one of the wines and they generously poured me a glass!

Anyone here been to Juqi, in Flushing, lauded by Pete Wells?