What’s For Dinner #87 - the Holiday Menu Planning Edition - November 2022

Just giving your burger a name because the color and shape of it reminded me of a big orange harvest moon.


We did something similar in our house growing up. My mom would always make salmon on Christmas eve in anticipation of the eatfest on Christmas day.

I must know more about this, please.

I’m more of a small plates / appetizers / bites kinda person vs. a big meal. I get palate fatigue fairly easily, so having a bunch of different things to snack on is kinda perfect for me :slight_smile:


Cooking something different for lunch!

A hearty and heavenly tasting seafood dish with the main ingredient costing less than $7.00!!

" " Pan fried Monk-fish Loin with EVOO, browned butter, minced garlic, anchovies, capers, lemon zest, white wine, lemon juice. "

Soooo good! I’ll let the photo do the taste review!😘😋👌


Where does one get monkfish loin for less than $7? Looks gorge!

'Diana’s ’ seafood in Toronto!

To go with it, a Crispy Rosti Potato Pancake


Honkin’ big-ass BISO chickie boobie, seasoned with olive oil, Penzeys’ Old World seasoning, extra dried thyme and parsley, and roasted in a 400° oven until done, basting twice.

Near East rice pilaf and sauteed green beans, onions, and red bell peppers seasoned with Penzeys’ Tuscan Sunset with Aleppo pepper added since they removed it many years back.



Roasted cod and potatoes with thyme and lemon (ATK recipe, copied by hand off YouTube because I won’t give their web site my info to register) and roasted green beans. This is a very quick and easy sheet pan dinner that we’ve made a couple times now. Recommended.


Oooh! Looks like we’re both in the boobie camp tonight!

Aldi duck breasts marinated in soy sauce, 5-spice, and Penzey’s Sichuan seasoning were seared, skin down starting in a cold pan. The skin could’ve crisped up a bit more for my liking, but the meat was perfectly MR. My PIC made the NYT bok choy with oyster sauce again. I could eat my weight in that.

Pardon the shitty plating. It’s not a talent of mine, for sure :crazy_face:


I am not familiar with this but it looks delicious. I checked out the NYT recipe and can’t wait to try it.


Dinner last night was my last cooking of the trip, and also :100: — yeah, I have no modesty :joy:

I finished the lamb biryani I started the day before (I had made the korma and fried the onions).

Layered par-boiled rice over the (reheated) meat and potatoes in a large pyrex dish, topped with birista / fried onions, and finished cooking at low power in the microwave.

The. Bomb. :yum:

Also baked a tiny batch of lemon muffins for birthday child who had declared he didn’t want a cake.

Tonight’s dinner was snacks on the flight, and whatever I will scrounge later when jet lag reminds me I didn’t actually eat dinner.


It’s just our family version of chicken soup, but with half the family vegetarian, we often make it without the chicken :laughing:

Bloom some whole spices (cardamom, cloves, peppercorns, tiny piece of cinnamon, bay leaves) in oil, add some turmeric, ginger and garlic (pureed), onion and tomato (chopped fine), and lots of water. Let that simmer for a while till the flavors mellow and meld, then add the vegetables — we do (big chunks of) potato, cauliflower, green beans, carrot, and peas. You want all this to cook until the vegetables are soft (not an al dente situation, it’s comfort food) and all the flavors are in the soup. Finish with cilantro.

If you’re using chicken, add it at the beginning, the vegetables would then go in after the chicken is fully cooked. You still want the vegetables, though, or it doesn’t taste right!

Eat with bread (which goes a lovely soggy in the broth) or rice or both.


Mesquite-grilled chicken on the Big Green Egg. Green salad with toms and English cukes in vinaigrette.

Lettuce and tomatoes from the garden.


Still a lot of life in my balcony garden: leeks, mustard greens, parsley, sungold tomatoes, and sage. Salad, soup, and steamed clams.




Rigatoni with Sausage Sugo - Italian pork sausage, diced tomatoes, tomato paste, celery, carrots, leeks, garlic, rosemary, thyme and parsley


I want those clams! It all looks so fresh and delicous.

I was thrilled to find steamers at The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market. I usually shop for seafood at the Greenmarket, where I haven’t seen them in while. The greens were harvested about an hour before I ate them, so yeah, pretty fresh!

The only problem with the meal was that the leeks in the soup didn’t puree well, so they were stringy.