What (more) are they eating?

I see Pho and fried rice paper rolls. See how small the veg portion is? Other tables got the same amount of greens. Vietnamse drink out of glasses.

Looks clean and nice. Much improved than what I’m used to (pavement child size plastic stools and tables).

I remember getting an enormous tray of mixed vegs and herbs with Pho and other dishes in Vietnam. (Wait, need to check my Vietnam photos first to see if that’s always the case.)

They are not having pho. They are having “bun cha” - a Hanoi specialty. (The white plates are just rice vermicelli.)

Did you get to have some while in Vietnam?

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I think you are right. Did an image search and Bun Cha does look like it. At first I thought the bowls had soup in them but from others’ photos I see the meat pieces in them. Mild fish sauce.

Don’t remember if I ate it in Ha Noi. I want to make it now.

Found this which explains it:

This HO thread contains some more discussion.

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Thanks, Ernie. Just saw it last night. Maybe Sampson can merge it with the existing thread, if he wants too.

I was going through my Vietnam trip photos and found these of my Bun Cha lunch. Emotions came flooding back as I was clicking the forward button eager to see each new photo. Still remember it so clearly how busy the place was at noon. Didn’t see any free seat but somehow they managed to find us 2 stools. I remember how kind the patrons were, moving a bit down the table so we could fit in, and showing us how to eat. We didn’t know exactly the proper manner of eating this meal so we were looking at our neighbours to see how they ate. Soon enough someone showed us how it was to be done. I am not big or tall but I had to keep my elbows close to my body, that’s how cramp it was. Not to mention atmospheric.

Am waiting to return, when visa is on arrival and no more surrendering passports at your lodging.

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