What kinds of wine/ alcohol go well with Nepalese cooking?

I am invited to dinner, where the food is prepared by a Nepalese couple. I would like to bring some wine over, but not very sure what goes well with Nepalese food. Any thoughts/ suggestions?


Go with what you would pair with Indian or Chinese food.

I like a dry riesling or gewurtztraminer for white, sparkling like cremant or Prosecco, or for red something rounded or fruity - pinot noir, malbec, etc.


I concur. A dry Riesling (German or Alsatian, ideally) is a perfect companion… for almost any food :wink:

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Thanks! Will bring one of the suggestions. We’ll see what kind of food the hosts end up prepping!

When we visited Nepal, we exclusively drank lightly hopped beers with our food, which was a great accompaniment. I don’t think I ever drank wine with my meals. But then again, I was rather unschooled about wine back then.


I’d be interested to hear what you ate!

Well you probably wouldn’t have found wine, or not easily anyway.

Even now, wine is extremely expensive in the subcontinent - even the inexpensive Australian brands retail at what seems (to me, converting to usd) like crazy prices. There are a handful of domestic options that are more reasonably priced.

And of course, alcohol pairing is a foreign concept anyway, whether beer or wine.

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Wonderful cooking from the grandma. The very tender goat ribs was simply outstanding.


Given the altitude of Nepal, probably not much.

Looks delicious. What’s in the second pic?
(ETA: And what wine did you pick to pair?)


I brought a bottle of pinot noir because I have one handy. I have a bottle of riesling but it isn’t very good.

The hosts opened a bottle of pinot grigio, so that’s what we ended up drinking.

The second picture is some sort of fried rice flour dough thingy. Kinda sweet. Its an appetizer.


One interesting fact I learned during the dinner is that Kathmandu Valley is actually only at 4000 ft altitude. So unless one chooses to climb the mountains people don’t go very high up.