What Kids Eat Around the World (in a week) on photos


Photographer Gregg Segal:

For the past two years, I’ve been making my way around the world, asking kids to keep a journal of everything they eat in a week. Once the week is up, I make a portrait of the child with the food arranged around them. I’m focusing on kids because eating habits, which form when we’re young, last a lifetime and often pave the way to chronic health problems like diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer.


What a cool project.

The photos are great - I wish all the food wasn’t so stylized (though makes for great pics) so it was easier to see differences. At first glance it looks like everyone is eating so well.

(Bruce) #3

Fascinating. Thanks for posting this.

(John Hartley) #4

Interesting stuff - although disappointing just how many FLFs there were. And not all American either.



(John Hartley) #6

Fat Little Fuckers.