What just doesn't taste the same anymore - foods from childhood


Izze grapefruit flavor is pretty good. One of the few sodas I enjoy. Get the bottle though; the tin cans are blech and make all their sodas tater tinny.

@brisket44 - if only I had a Safeway by me. I would definitely try that granola/cereal.


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I find that is true of most beverages. I never buy in cans anymore.


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And now I have to amend this statement. I don’t know what they did but I tried the orange cupcakes again a couple of times. They were as delicious as I remember now! Lots of filling and love the squiggle.


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Today I’ve learned my parents neighbor of the Islay family died a year ago… Oddly enough tonight I was watching HGTV and a younger member of that family (different last name) was featured on a home renovation show called One of a Kind! They do a nod to old fashioned ice cream stores in the design.


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Curiosity is now piqued. Do you remember which episode of One of a Kind you saw, by any chance?

And no worries if you don’t. I probably find enough excuses to watch HGTV already.


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It was the last one of that title on the lineup last night. The couple (perhaps early 30s) met at college in Ft. Worth, tx. It was just background sound until I heard about the family connection and I started paying attention. This series seems to renovate with a focus of having your home reflect your “story”.

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Bear in mind that the change in taste may be due to your age. For example, it seems that more children prefer milk chocolate, while more adults prefer dark chocolate.


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So many things taste different! Hershey’s bars for sure; they have changed the recipe to the point they can’t call it chocolate anymore. The packaging says chocolate flavored candy. Their syrup isn’t the same & on the container it says genuine chocolate flavor. Pathetic. Also chicken doesn’t taste very chickeny like it used to. The white striping disease factors in because it changes the texture. It’s not possible to avoid when shopping because the packaging covers it.There’s usually at least one affected breast when I buy it. Don’t bother to cook it, will put it in stocks though. Velveeta changed their recipe, think they call it cheese product now. Quality has gone down on many canned products, you’ll find tomato cores in the diced tomatoes & stems still attached to green beans. There are so many more but this could easily turn into a dissertation if I keep going.


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Funny, my sister mom and I just had this discussion last night. My niece and great nephew asked what our favorite candy bars were when we grew up. We all agreed it went from milk to dark as we aged. And as mom ages I notice she has greatly increased her intake of pepper/pepper sauce/hot peppers, etc.

I found a local meat market a few years ago that actually sells chicken that is fresh, never frozen. It’s even chicken-sized (i.e., small). It tastes like chicken :grinning:


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Unless you only feed them dark chocolate, that is :joy:


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You are so lucky to find a source for fresh chickens! I wish I could source them in my area. Maybe I need to look harder, but even butcher shops are rare. There are a few decent fish markets around however.

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Velveeta was never exactly a cheese although it is a dairy product, contrary to what some websites say. According to Wikipedia they haven’t changed the formula since 1953, although there have been several legally required name changes since. Now it’s called “pasteurized prepared cheese product.”


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Thanks for the edification! I’ve never used it much, maybe once for a queso dip. I do remember it from childhood and liking it. From friends and family that do use it, they say it doesn’t melt well anymore and has a different mouth feel, leading many to believe there was a recipe change within the past few years.

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a gooey pecan sticky bun from William Greenberg (formerly and son) now desserts. Made a special trip into nyc to have these after many years. The bun itself was much harder and cooked longer. The nuts, raisins and sticky were pretty much the same but did not ooze as much. Still good but not as decadent as in the past.


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Boy did you just bring back memories. William Greenberg. Beautiful cakes.



Let’s B real. Most things don’t taste like they use to. Time passes, our memory is dulled, the products dull or excel compared to the original but it all balances in the end. Hold on to those memories but make room for new ones



Pretty sure KitKats as a child were only chocolate.




Has anyone tried the new coke orange vanilla? I love regular cola. I think this new blend is ok. I wonder how this will be with a coke float. I’m a big creamsicle guy. Yes, it won’t be the next best thing but I think with a scoop of vanilla ice cream it could be ok. I hope to try this combo soon.



tried it - meh, once was enough- I’d stick to orange cream pops
funny you should mention a coke float - something i very rarely have and definitely should not have but I bought a big container of tillamook cookies n cream ice cream …and yup scooped it into a coke, it is a very sweet vanilla and made a great vanilla / coke float with bits of chocolate.