What just doesn't taste the same anymore - foods from childhood


Izze grapefruit flavor is pretty good. One of the few sodas I enjoy. Get the bottle though; the tin cans are blech and make all their sodas tater tinny.

@brisket44 - if only I had a Safeway by me. I would definitely try that granola/cereal.

(Gwenn) #102

I find that is true of most beverages. I never buy in cans anymore.

(Gwenn) #103

And now I have to amend this statement. I don’t know what they did but I tried the orange cupcakes again a couple of times. They were as delicious as I remember now! Lots of filling and love the squiggle.


Today I’ve learned my parents neighbor of the Islay family died a year ago… Oddly enough tonight I was watching HGTV and a younger member of that family (different last name) was featured on a home renovation show called One of a Kind! They do a nod to old fashioned ice cream stores in the design.

(Denise) #105

Curiosity is now piqued. Do you remember which episode of One of a Kind you saw, by any chance?

And no worries if you don’t. I probably find enough excuses to watch HGTV already.


It was the last one of that title on the lineup last night. The couple (perhaps early 30s) met at college in Ft. Worth, tx. It was just background sound until I heard about the family connection and I started paying attention. This series seems to renovate with a focus of having your home reflect your “story”.

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #107

Bear in mind that the change in taste may be due to your age. For example, it seems that more children prefer milk chocolate, while more adults prefer dark chocolate.