What is Your New Year's Eve Tradition? Houston or anywhere!

For many many years now, I’ve stocked in bolillos and subs, various deli meats and cheeses, mayo, mustards, horseradish, spinach and other lettuces, onions, pickles, jalapenos and the like, dips and chips.

May be time for a change, but it needs to be easy for a relaxing NYE in front of the TV. What are your traditions?

Pizza and champagne at home. Sometimes we have a guest or two, but it’s usually pretty quiet.

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Home. I don’t drink much any more and prefer to avoid “them that do”.

I’m usually fast asleep by midnight.

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Since you said, “…or anywhere!” I’ll chime in:

We live about 1/2 block off the Tournament of Roses Parade route in Pasadena, CA. People are already staking out spots on the sidewalk.

Our NYE tradition is to do a burrito bar - tortillas, beans, assorted fillings, chips, etc., and non-alcoholic drinks and cookies (since we always make too many for Christmas and need to get them out of the house).

Friends come over throughout the evening to eat, play games, shoot the sh*t, and so forth. A little before midnight, we meander down to Colorado Blvd. and mingle with the revelers - lots of noisy chaos (oh, how I hate vuvuzelas!) and happy though cold people.

Then friends disperse and we crawl into our warm bed - and hopefully manage to sleep through the parade.


For decades I’ve been making a spicy black-eyed pea soup as a way to eat some of what’s supposed to be a lucky food. I never liked black-eyed peas until I came across this recipe so it’s what I go back to. Sometimes I also try another food that’s supposed to bring luck - often that’ll be something that’s been mentioned on a food board topic just like this one. I eat whatever it is on both NYE and NYD, just to be sure. I don’t know that it has ever brought me luck but maybe it has and I’d really regret it if I didn’t observe the tradition.

I haven’t gone out in years. May have a small glass of wine or two but the older I get the harder it is to stay up past my bedtime without some better motivation than just the hour of midnight.

I try to avoid all the falderol on TV but it’s a good time to watch an old classic movie.


This Florida family has blackeyed peas (usually cooked with the Christmas ham bone) and cornbread. We don’t care for greens, so I usually make a spinach salad to stand in for the money.

There are an amazing number of cultures that eat pork for plenty, legumes for luck, and greensnfor money.