What Is Your Favorite Indian Egg Dish? Have You Experienced Indian Flavors In The US? How Was It?

There are so many adjectives to describe Indian food, but the one that comes to mind is “Incredible”.
Tell me about your best Indian cuisine dining experience! What was the dish? You can look at a few via the links on my profile. I personally love Surti Gotalo, Paneer Cheese Masala, and Chicken Kadai.

In my personal opinion, I have found Chicago to be the ideal city to enjoy subcontinental flavors. Which city do you think is the best one to savor Indian tang?

This meal at the now closed London branch of Delhi’s Moti Mahal

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I think the San Francisco Bay Area Indian restaurants are quite good, specifically in the South Bay where there are quite a few different regional cuisines (unfortunately I live in the city and dont get a chance to try most of those places). SF itself is fairly mediocre for India food, IMO

favorite egg dish(es) are unfortunately from Mumbai. My personal favorite is the akuri from kyani’s in Mumbai (closely followed by their omelette, which is so nice and crispy). The previous owners of Sartaj (in Sausalito) also used to make a great spicy scrambled eggs and a solid omelette which came quite close to kyani’s

Home made assumese egg curry is also good comfort food, its quite simple to make

and for those wondering what surti gotalo is, here’s a link: https://www.feedingyourappetite.com/eggsghotala/


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My favorite Indian egg dish is Egg dosa and I love to eat it.

Here’s a photo of some Surati gotala that I had a few years back at Wembley in London. Lots of good South Asian food around there.


The Street Food Bonanza YouTube channel is good for fans of egg dishes cooked at the roadside (it’s known as “the eggs and beeps channel” in my household).