What is the Trending Food in Texas in 2018? (Houston)

Could it be donuts?? This new Katy place never closes.

Hurts Donuts

(“wanna hurts donut? Sure! *punches your arm - Hurts, donut?”) :roll_eyes:

Strangely they have no real web site yet although they have many locations in different states. What with Dunkin Donuts making a second appearance in Houston, I see a trend.

I almost never eat a donut, but Christy’s on West Gray is pretty awesome. I had a donut at Voodoo in Portland, OR recently because I was passing by, it’s a whole thing I guess.

Any favorite donut hole?

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I did not see this quote from the website. Did you come up with this, Lambsy?

190,000 donuts to the tune of four hundred large in three weeks, let’s pitch in and buy one of these things.

I remember Dunkin when I was a kid and remember not liking them. I’m also not a fan of Krispy Kreme. Give me a Shipley’s hot glazed or a devil’s food chocolate filled although I rarely eat them.

I’ve always wanted to try Christy’s so maybe on my next trip to Romano’s Pizza on West Gray I’ll pick one or two up.

Donuts? Again? Didn’t we just do that a couple of years ago, along with cupcakes?

I’ve been to Christy’s a number of times. There was even a branch out here close to me, on Fondren @ S. Braeswood, for a while. But they just trucked in cold donuts from Montrose and it didn’t last. I must admit, I’ve never got the appeal the way some people do.

I like a little place on the northbound feeder at Gessner called BB’s. Mainly because their cake and old fashioned donuts are very good, I think. They’re also smaller, which suits my appetite for these things. Sausage and boudin croissants aren’t bad either.

I usually get the glazed, though.

I like a hot Shipley glazed but cold Shipley donuts are awful. I’ve never had a KK hot but used to find them in the lunch room at work, 12 hours on or so. KK’s are better cold than Shipley.

But my most frequent purchase?


Tastykake coconut crunch mini donuts. A sleeve finds it’s way into my basket from the impulse rack at check out with some regularity. And I go right home and make a cuppa coffee to dunk 'em in.

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So brucesw if you’re not down with donuts there is one obvious choice and you’ve probably ascertained where I’m going and it’s, OYSTERS!!!

I’ll start with a great value and that’s the 11.99 a dozen fried with two sides at Fountainview Fish Market.


The next offering is the recipe for oysters Rockefeller from the long gone Angelo’s Fisherman’s Wharf as follows:

One ton oysters or slightly less, tweleveish

Chopped spinach, salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste

Chunky blue cheese salad dressing and paprika

Put oysters in a half shell, season with above ingredients, top with spinach and blue cheese and paprika. Bake at 375 10-15 minutes, and feed.

They’re stupidly easy and taste like the original.


I use frozen spinach.

Haha! no it’s theirs.

I like Shipley’s best also (so far), DD is waaaaayyy too sweet for me since I get the cherry iced ones. Coffee’s good though. I haven’t had Christy’s in a few years when someone brought them to the office.

But hey, I’m game on opening one of these money makers, 80 employees and lines at the door - as long as that holds up. Maybe we should wait a few more weeks and see. :smile:


LOL! I just don’t know when to eat a donut! I’m not big on sweets for breakfast and they mostly close by 2 p.m., so this one that never closes is appealing for an after dinner treat. They gotta be fresh.

As a yout, (reference My Cousin Vinney) I recall eating sleeves of the powdered donuts like there were a million tomorrows! Hehe, love the pics.

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A ton might be a few too many :crazy_face:.

I first had Oysters Rockefeller ca. '68 or '69 at a restaurant on the west side of Austin that I cannot remember the name of. Blew my mind. 50 years on and I have never made them at home. :disappointed:. I promise to try to remedy that. Thanks for the recipe.

Every now and then I want something cake-y and some icing at breakfast but I almost never leave home for breakfast and usually don’t get to BB’s until close to closing, early afternoon, when there isn’t much to choose from and they’re not particularly fresh.

When I was working and had to be in at 9, an occasional trip to Shipley for a glazed, an apple or blueberry fritter and a sausage and cheese kolache was breakfast. That would be enough for two days for me now.

Hmmmm. I wouldn’t expect an upscale seafood restaurant trend. Peska, Salt Air and Holley’s have all closed recently and Caswell hasn’t re-opened Reef since Harvey.

Maybe we’re in the midst of a steakhouse trend??? There was Steak 48 last year in the River Oaks District development and the new Pappas Bros downtown location. This year there has been Doris Metropolitan, the Israeli-inspired (?) steakhouse from NOLA in Montrose and Chris Shepherd is converting the original Underbelly into a steakhouse (Underbelly will move down the street to the former Poscol).

And of course there was Killen’s STQ.

Or maybe it’s serious restaurants in downtown hotels or just downtown restaurants that deserve to be taken seriously???

I’m not sure where to post this since we have numerous threads 'bout oysters… but I just posted about these on the Alabama board (:laughing:). I’ve been seeing mentions on social media and in the foodie press about these locally. I’ll have to go back through and try to find them again. I’ll be looking for them.

I predict New Mexican cuisine will make inroads.

Think Enchiladas Christmas-style.

You heard it here first.

My rationale? We pretty much got everything else!

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You may be right about the steak resurgence, but I feel we are saturated with steakhouses personally. I wouldn’t mind seeing more NM places, the only one in town was recently bought by new owners who are really promoting it with a new menu and $2 margaritas. Good food too. Santa Fe Flats

Also, Lyle Lovett likes the place.

Yep, we’re saturated with steakhouses, but that won’t stop restauranteurs from opening more! I haven’t been to a steak house in maybe 30 years and probably have fixed steak at home only a couple dozen times at most in those years. To each his own, tho.

My boss at my last job bragged about going to Truluck’s several times a week (on the company dollar) and raved about their steaks. Cheapest one on the menu is $52.

Coffee is good at DD - the only thing I like there; Shipley coffee is worthless. My little place, BB’s, serves Community.

I can’t see New Mexican becoming big here but I ain’t agin it :yum:.

And now for something NOT completely different:

The Press reports the opening of Duck Donuts, on Bellaire near the Med Center, a franchise based in Duck, NC (and you thought they were going to be fried in duck fat???).

“Doughnut lovers fill out a form with preferred toppings and glazes, hand it to the staff and the doughnuts are then made to order, from a freshly fried, vanilla cake base. The possibilities are up to you.”

Oh no! I’ll pass right by it regularly. I bet I’ll be tempted.

ETA: That street is still called Holcombe at that location - really in West U at that point.

And We’re Off…to the donut races!

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I don’t see New Mexican happening either.

The guy on the outdoors show on the radio swears by Shipley’s coffee and donuts.

Could it be because they pay him? Nah.

I don’t drink coffee but would eat the donuts all the time if they weren’t so bad for you.

It just so happens that I caught the Houston flu, and in between sleeps, watched the movie Man of the House (2005). Bad comedy with great actor Tommy Lee Jones, set in Austin. Did you know he was raised in Midland/Dallas? He brought Shipley’s to the party, yes he did. Too bad I couldn’t run out for Shipley’s in my slippers. But wait! They have a drive thru right? :thinking:

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Even more steakhouses :astonished:. Eater is reporting on Tilman Fertitta’s latest, a steakhouse in Uptown (aren’t there a couple of others in there?) He already has Vic and Anthony’s, Brenner’s, The San Luis, and isn’t the Saltgrass chain a part of Landry’s?

And the Press is reporting Perry’s will open it’s first location inside the Loop in the one-time Birraporetti’s in River Oaks. Sixth location for Perry’s around Houston but I didn’t realize they’ve expanded way outside Texas.

Who knew Texans like steak??? :smile:.

The Chron is reporting Blue Nile (not a steakhouse) will open a second location in the Upper Kirby district. Interesting. I had recently seen somewhere that Addis Ababa had closed again; I don’t think we’ll be seeing a trend of Ethiopian restaurants.

You folks must not have had an older brother or neighborhood bully. As the owners say, the name is based on the joke, but they didn’t make it up. It’s at least 50 years old and probably older.

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