What is the fuss about Luc's in Ridgefield, CT?

I just don’t get it. I am not a fan of Luc’s. I think the food is mediocre at best and the ambiance so unappealing. My husband loves their food (being a fan of steak tartare) so we went last night. I admit, a Saturday night is not the time to go. They take reservations for parties of 4 or more and 2 - well you’re on your own. They don’t really keep many twos available either and last night was no exception. They stuck is in a corner of a long booth that was barely big enough for my tiny frame and they kept shoving the table practically into me so I couldn’t move. I kept pushing it out. There was a 4 top next to us, equally uncomfortable looking and, indeed , when the party was seated they tried to get another table but were told they could not have any of the other empty (an remained empty the entire time) tables. And that corner was blazing hot. The food, it was ok. DH had the escargot which he loved. I dipped into the garlic butter and found it lacking. He also had the rack of lamb which he also loved and I found tasteless. I ended up with a burger and I make them better. I don’t know,the place just makes me crabby!!

Sorry, I just had to vent!!

Is that joint still open? Over priced and blah. I’m guessing the location keeps it going

Totally agree this place doesn’t deserve its reputation. I find the front of the house snooty in a practiced Parisian manner: that they didn’t respond to their guests’ modest requests comes as no surprise… The moule frites, which I use as a measure of the quality of a French restaurant are mediocre at best.

Bernards is far more authentic and pleasant… albeit pricey as well.

We had a bad experience at Bernard’s years ago, but I have been hearing good things and we will give it another try. I will say, I would love to find a more bistro type French - more casual than the formal Bernard’s. We use to go to La Saliere (was that the name) upstairs from Luc. A bit more pleasant, depending on the mood of the chef. We do go to Vox in North Salem and this month they did a killer Coq au Vin on Wednesday nights.

I have been pleased with Bernards over the years and really like the WIne Bar upstairs for a more casual evening.