What is it about chewy brownies?

Every week I get the Smitten Kitchen newsletter. I am a brownie lover, and she linked to this article. Are you a chewy brownie or cakey brownie fan? This is exactly the kind of article I love!


Chewy for sure! Cakey brownies always seem a little dry to me.

Cuspy brownies. When you finish eating one and say to yourself “Was that chewy or cakey? I can’t decide, let me have one more so I can try to figure it out.” :grin:

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I’m more chewy than cakey as well. I also don’t like the dryness of some more cakey brownies. I also tend to lean more towards a bit of fudginess too. I find I like a brownie with one edge that is next to the pan edge, and the rest from the middle of the pan.

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Chewy and gooey/fudgy for me; like Heidi I like a bit of crispy too, and also plenty of walnuts or pecans. The last time, I made them in little mini muffin cups, and got all the textures I wanted.

Regarding fudginess, maybe it depends on my mood or something, but sometimes in my mind brownies (if they’re not so fresh that they’re still warm) can just seem like a defective type of fudge.

Oh, I never thought of using the mini muffin cups.! That’s a good idea! What was your baking time for those?

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I wish I remembered exactly, but I’m pretty sure I started checking at 10 minutes, and kept checking every couple of minutes. I pulled them when they weren’t too jiggly, and had set up a bit. You don’t want the tester to come out clean, but also not too goopy or liquidy, either. They will continue to cook a little from the residual heat, even after removal from the oven.

One thing I would do differently next time, would be to use mini paper liners that have been sprayed with Pam first. Some of mine stuck even though I used a nonstick tin which I’d sprayed with Pam.

Hope this helps, and let us know if you make them, and how they turn out.

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