What is Coco Lopez supposed to look like?

The Coco Lopez I bought today is a tan color, almost like a rich chicken broth in appearance and translucence. It has been years since I used any, and I was expecting it to be white like Coconut Milk. Did I get an old can? There was no expiration date anywhere on the can, at least none that I could decipher.

What is is supposed to look like?


It’s supposed to look exactly like you describe.

The juice that comes from opening a coconut is watery and is not milky at all.

Coconut “milk” is made from processing the pulp from the meat of the coconut.

By the way, my Coco Lopez has 4 legs :smile_cat:


I have been making coquito for years now and today is the first time i have ever opened a can of goya coconut cream and it is a tan, jelly like, nothing i have EVER seen before! Its always a thick cream white chunk with clear jelly at the bottom. Also i can smell the coconut as soon as i open the can. I cant with this one! The expiration says Sept 2023, so thats not the issue. Idk someone s help!

In my experience, the Coco Lopez cream of coconut is a pearly white color, so not a bright white, but certainly not tan. The Asian coconut jam I buy, is however, very tan.

I used this to make cocnut martinis and had the same experience… tan color and jelly like. Ive used it several times and havent gotten sick so Im guessing its okay. I purchased a different brand as well and that one was more watery but did not taste as much like coconut as the Coco Lopez