What is Cast Iron Good For?

(DeMarko) #101

With all due respect do you use both hands for lifting? I too am short with very small hands, so I use them both on pans that were designed for only one hand. Looks kinda awkward but works for me.


Yes, I also use both hands. But actually all my CI and ECI pots and pans have two handles.

Not sure I get this. Are you less bothered by the sound of stainless steel or copper or aluminum scraping?


@lampchop – I use two hands when they are free but sometimes mid cooking, I have tongs in another and I will make do with one hand. Or if the pan is quite hot and I only have one mitt on, I use the one hand.

@ratgirlagogo - I can lift my steel/copper pans high enough that they don’t scrape that much. And the scrapes from cast iron does seem a extra sharp to me. It’s usually in moving it from a hot burner to a cool one.